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Hello All!

I purchased a log home that was built in 1898! Some of the logs have water damage and may need to be replaced. Additionally the logs were painted and some of the paint is pealing. Any advise on removing paint on OLD logs? Are chemicals too harsh? We may repair the logs ourselves, but any advice is appreciated.



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Hi Sarah,

There are several environmentally friendly finish removers on the market, and samples are available through most folks who sell finishes (including us!).  Most are slower to work then the old school, corrosive type "strippers" but are much friendlier to work with!  Typically they like warmer weather (60 degrees plus) and soften the existing finish, which is then removed with a pressure washer. 

Any further questions, please feel free to contact me at

Have a great rest of your day!

Thanks that is really helpful! I will definitely be reaching out!!

i have use sand blasting equipment it works well to remove old paint even better would be usinh a corncob blaster.....many of us in the industry have gone to

the old rotten logs are definitely replaceable i have replaced one log to whole or text 502 915 9842 i would be more than happy to discuss ar give advice.

thank you


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