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Just finishing building our log home in NC. We found a great builder but Southland Log homes has proved itself to be a company that simply does not care once they sell you the logs. After buying they gave us a builder that wasn't even a licensed contractor who we eventually dismissed. When we called our project manager he had no idea what was going on and acted like he didn't want to know us. We are now building the garage and we found that we do not have all the materials to do so. This was a promotion they were running at the time of our purchase. Our builder, a 3rd generation carpenter, went to Southland to get the materials and was told he didn't know how to build a garage. We had to pay for some of the materials. Anyone who would like the name of our builder, let me know. Anyone who is thinking of purchasing from Southland, think twice.

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You may want to contact the BBB in SC.

Southland had 12 complaints against it in the last 36 months but seemed to resolve most of them. They have agreed to comply with the BBB to some extent but it wouldn't hurt to add your complaint.

Hi Elaine,

So very sorry to hear of your unfortunate ordeal. Oh-my god- can we talk. My husband and I moved over from San Jose, CA @ three years ago to the lovely state of Nevada, (Douglas County-about 15 miles of So. Lake Tahoe), as avid Off-Road enthusiasts loved the desert running and beauty of the valley. Purchased 2.75 acres right up against the beautiful mountain Jobs Peak along a creek- 5 years ago planning our dream Log Home at that site. We hired a Log Company Manufacturer out of Ontario, Canada- Bullock Log Homes after 2 years of trying to get the home finalized for delivery of the logs, the LAST initial balance owed on the home under $35,000.(balance due upon delivery) he abruptly
switched up and stated that the balance had to paid up front BEFORE the final delivery?? We had been working with a loan broker 6 months prior of 9/07 (before the huge market collapse) went on a much needed vacation early Feb 08, leaving the final details to our broker and our ONE AND ONLY Construction LOAN VENDOR to work out the final paperwork. Basically- we get back from vacation to find out that our Log Home Provider would not talk to ANYONE from our loan broker or the construction loan lender --- and after 3 exhausting PANIC weeks of trying to reason and negotiate with Bullock Log Homes, ..... we ULTIMATELY ...... LOST OUR FINANCING!!! So -- bottom line, Bullock has roughly @ 145,000 of our quarterly contract payments, with @35,000 owed- AND- our home - in Canada... that is basically HELD HOSTAGE. We have a foundation in the ground on our property- still waiting for the 3200 SF dream home; We've been living in an RV park since the move over 3 years ago, in our 36 ft RV... we go out to the property (about 20 mins from RV park) and sit on this little two seater porch bench- we had on our previous home patio in San Jose, CA. and just look out on the valley-- listening to just the creek ... and the occasional bird!! We've already named the place "HOW SWEET IT IS"

Did you ever get this issue straightened out?
No, nothing was ever resolved from Southland. I do however have a great home thanks to Buster Hendricks of Buster's Log Homes in Banner Elk. (704-579-9429)
Kim that is so very hard to believe! Wow, that is totally opposite from my experience with Bullock! From their wonderful craftsmanship to their exceptional customer service - I have nothing but great praise for Tim and his partners. As a matter of fact, after more than a decade of researching log home companies, this is the first complaint I have ever heard about Bullock Log Homes - so it leads me to believe there must be more to your story.
Thanks Susan........31 years of business, 100's of clients and a 99.9% satisfaction rate speaks for itself.
and after 3 exhausting PANIC weeks of trying to reason and negotiate with Bullock Log Homes, ..... we ULTIMATELY ...... LOST OUR FINANCING!!!

What did you want Bullock to do or say? Did you want him to loan you the money? You make it sound like it is his fault that you lost your financing. Is that true?
Rick, There is a whole mess to this story and I am not going to get into it on a log home forum as is it not professional and I consider myself a professional.
To reiterate "Thanks Susan........31 years of business, 100's of clients and a 99.9% satisfaction rate speaks for itself."
Unfortunately I just met a great couple in the local area that had an extremely similar story to tell us. This couple, after purchasing the Southland Package, have put over $30K in fixing the mess they ended up with. As an independent builder my recommendation for those doing their due diligence and research would have to be Barna Log Homes. They manufacture a great log package system and their customer service is spectacular. That's my two cents. Again, sorry to hear about your experience.
To funny ...Josh Murphy just built us our Barna Log Home, and it was the most horrible experience ever. Unpaid suncontractors, incompleted work, and failed building inspections. Barna Log Homes of Central Pennsylvania (whom are Josh's in-laws) were in bed with Josh on his entire ordeal.
I am planning to build in Waynesville and I have spoken with the rep from Southlands Asheville office as well as a builder they recommended. Frankly, I was not impressed by either. The rep apparently chose to ignore the fact that I was still in the "quote getting" stage and seemed upset with me when I wasn't signing the contract on the spot. The builder was very much full of himself and couldn't wait to get out of our meeting when he heard that we were not going to start construction instantly.

I would be interested in knowing the builder you finally went with.

By the way where in NC is your new log home?.

Let's face it the real estate market has affected all builders and log home manufacturers and things are a little slower than they were. Adding to that bad customer service, they are probably hurting for work and you ruined their week. I really don't understand companies that act this way. I think they have forgotten the reason they are in business at all, their customers/clients.


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