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Just finishing building our log home in NC. We found a great builder but Southland Log homes has proved itself to be a company that simply does not care once they sell you the logs. After buying they gave us a builder that wasn't even a licensed contractor who we eventually dismissed. When we called our project manager he had no idea what was going on and acted like he didn't want to know us. We are now building the garage and we found that we do not have all the materials to do so. This was a promotion they were running at the time of our purchase. Our builder, a 3rd generation carpenter, went to Southland to get the materials and was told he didn't know how to build a garage. We had to pay for some of the materials. Anyone who would like the name of our builder, let me know. Anyone who is thinking of purchasing from Southland, think twice.

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My husband and I are planning to build a log home and have been doing a lot of reading and research into different builders. The first one we talked with was southland and we couldn't run out the door fast enough.

Why do people pay for any part of a log home package upfront?  When I bought my home, I ordered the package, and wanted the company to just dry it in.   The bank would not release any funds till the log home package was on the property and dried in.  I know many log home companies want money up front, but I had our bank release a letter of commitment, to the log manufacturer.  This letter stated, that my financing was in order and the funds would be release to me and the log home manufacturer, when the home was dried in.  I had to sign the check over, so I had to be satisfied with their work, before doing so.  So if a manufacturer wants any money  upfront, because they won't cut the home, see if they will work on a letter of commitment.  I never paid any subs until work was completed and inspected by the bank and county inspectors.  With the way the housing market is today, you have to be careful.  If a manufacturer won't do things this way find another one that will.  Trust me they are out there.  People need to research county court records, and really check people out, in more venues than the bbb.  The other day, I had a tree man come up in my driveway and try to talk me into some tree work.  He indicated I have a willow tree hanging on my porch.  I replied I didn't care, I like it that way.  LOL  Anyway he left his card.  I went in and checked him out on the bbb and court records where he was from.  I found 5 cases on the bbb unresolved, and ,many more on local court records.  There are people that would fall for this, and would of paid him cash upfront.  In this day and age, you cannot be too trusting.  Building a log home is a expensive endeavor, and you need to watch your funds every step of the way.  With all the foreclosures out there in the world, there are log homes available, already built, and ready for people to make them a home.  Just some helpful thoughts here and good luck to anyone out there wanting to build their dream home.  If you handle things correctly, you will have a dream and not a nightmare!!!

I have contacted them several times regarding their packages and requesting info. I've gotten so many different sales people replying or calling, and never the same one. I've sent detailed emails, and no responses. If a company can't be bothered at the early stages, I'd hate to know what they're like during the actual process!

Don't purchase from them, it will be a big mistake.  They only sell logs and in my case shorted the delivery.  No help after they get your money.  The network of builders in false, you will have to find your builder and hope they can build the kit...

Same experience here with a southland provided GC, he took a $25,000.  deposit and ran....  I am left with a project not started, material has been delivered however I need a builder!

Lying, thieving, crooks!!


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