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I have been doing a lot of information gathering as I draw (and redraw) my home plans and dream. I have located an interesting heating idea - soapstone fireplaces. When I search I found - Tulikivi from Finland to be the site that pops up most often. Does anyone have any experience with these stoves/fireplaces? They are not 'beautiful" but do grow on you - ha ha ha.

What about soapstove stoves - do work the same way? I am guessing they don't put off as much heat - anyone?

Can you have soapstone inside - and get creative with the outside (of a fireplace) - and have the same effeciency as a whole Tulikivi? or does the full soapstone unit (such as those shown by Tulikivi) make these types of heaters/fireplaces the most efficient?

Also - the idea of having a bake-oven within the fireplace is pretty interesting. It makes you want to try your hand at baking bread! ;-)

Can you heat a 3 story in the north with one off these or do you need backup heat also?

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas about this topic?

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You might want to take a look at, An interesting selection of soapstone stoves and I think they even have some technical specs that should help you with size of stove to square feet of house.
Thanks Ted - do you have one of these stoves? If you do - please share some details about your experience. If you don't - what kind of heating system do you use?

The designs are much prettier than a Tuliviki - and I could make a more fireplace like presentation - thanks for the link. D.
I have had one of their soapstone stoves for nine years. They do heat up well, and even better, hold the heat for a long time. And, as you noticed, they are beautiful! (And, I just noticed, on sale right now.) Diana


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