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What I would like to see discussed in the magazines . . .

What a great idea! - thanks for asking for our input. I would like to see some information/articles/discussions on the following topics:
1. land loans and construction loans - pros and cons of combining the two, how to find a knowledgeable loan company for either/both, and how to finance in these trying times. Also what to expect when negotiating land and/or construction loans. It is clear that many banks do not understand this process - where does one go for help?
2. Bathrooms - where to locate them inside your home; finishing interior logs for the shower; must haves, nice to have, and "in my dreams"; bathtubs - how many do we really need?; what value does it add to have a bath open into a second-master bedroom? versus just how many doors can that little bathroom have?; what about an outhouse? - is it practical or just for fun? it could be fun to have when one is on a lake - or if you have an outdoor hot tub or pool - is this practical to prevent wet folks from tracking into the house or just plain 'out there?"; discussion on the chemical or self contained toilets that do not require a septic tank (for the outhouse or the basement); what things in a bathroom add value to a home?; what tends to use up money - and not really worth it?; what about the end-line tankless water heaters? - how well do they work in areas where it freezes in the winter?; how many bathrooms are necessary in a home? and what is the minimum of what they should contain (shower or shower and tub - etc)?

OK that's it for now - more later. Dee

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I haven't seen any articles that cover room sizes. For example what is a small and average kitchen , main bath , master bedroom etc. I found myself measuring rooms to get ideas on space.I know it is all subjectable for each individual but most online plans don't list room sizes ,esp bathrooms. Also how about interviewing companies on their products like geothermal companies "water furnace", solar panel companies, lighting companies, you can even do a plumbing article for water saver toilets -brands,and faucets-showers ,energy star appliances.
I second Glen on average room sizes. What is too small - what is extravagant etc.
With log home owners being I believe more aware of the environment I was thinking articles on green ideas that could save energy and also money would be a good idea.There are so many things to write on that it could be a regular article in every issue. Here is a short list. Hot air,hot water , electric, solar; geothermal;low E windows; positioning of the house to the site; roof overhang; water saver faucet kits and toilets; water heaters; energy efficient furnaces and A/C; low maintence landscaping-windbreaks; inverters; off grid systems; wind generators; low voc paints & stains; ecco friendly flooring like wool carpet, linoleum, bamboo, reclaimed wood; set back thermostats; flouresent and led lights; green switches; energy star appliances; pellet stoves; fireplace inserts; etc.
I just formed a group on green building that you might want to check out (go to the Groups tab at the top of the page). As someone who wants to build a "green" log home, I'm hoping we can all share our success (and horror!) stories about building green and getting back to nature. I'm also setting up a website which lists some sites that I've uncovered in my many years of research that I hope will help potential home builders: (This is an informational website only, not a plug for some business). Thanks for sharing!
Update to this last comment: is off the air, so to speak. Seems there is a lot of dissention out there as to what true "green" building is all about, and frankly got a bit tired of the emails telling me one opinion or another... so just felt it was best to let each person decide for themselves what "green" meant to them. Sorry for any confusion!
I highly reccommend the following web site done by Lynette who has done a great job of detailing all of her trials and tribulations in trying to get a log home built. Her articles are very well detailed on many of the subjects that you have brought up with references to suppliers etc. She is not afraid to research out a product and then walk away from it and explain from a practical sense why she made her decision. She is brutally honest in telling about the problems trying to get loans and dealing with banks. Most importantly she isn't trying to sell you anything.

One of the members of this blog also contributes to Lynettes.
Joe - I second the reccommendation of Lynnette!
Let's talk heating - pros/cons, costs, upkeep, labor, need for back-up heating, life expectancy of product etc. and everything else
1. soapstone heater (Tulivki or similar) versus soapstone stove (WI stove with soapstone inside) versus soapstone fireplace liners and heating your home with wood
2. radiant
3. geothermal - not sure if this is the same as radiant or not - I need information
4. combo
5. include heating the home as well as heating water (can they work on the same system?)
6. solar
7. propane
8. clean coal
9. ?????

I know very little heating a home (I live in CA and we have small wall gas heaters that we use only about two months out of the year) - so we need help and info here. Thanks for listening - D.
"So You Have a Log Home....Now What?"
As a new log home owner, I'd love to see an article about routine maintenence... What needs to be done monthly? What needs to be done annually? I've picked Shelly Martinez's brain a bit about this and she has a "to do" list categorized by seasons - I would love to see this information published. Thanks for all of your great information and inspiration so far. Anne
I agree. A checklist in each issue of things we should be doing that month would be very helpful.
How about maintenance for the older log home, log replacement, chinking, windows? Some of us own very modest log homes, how about decorating/landscaping on a budget and for small spaces?
Denise & Company...

Hey, you've just done our planning for us! Thanks for all the great ideas. I've always said that we get our best advice from readers. Please keep them coming. If we're not covering certain topics in the magazine, please let us know---our goal is to make Log Home Living and Log Home Design both inspirational (yep, lots of gorgeous pictures) AND practical/educational (maintenance, how-to stories, etc.). It's this combination that helps everyone, whether you're already living in a log home or buying land and dreaming of the toasty hearth a few winters from now...

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Mike McCarthy
Log Home Living


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