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What I would like to see discussed in the magazines . . .

What a great idea! - thanks for asking for our input. I would like to see some information/articles/discussions on the following topics:
1. land loans and construction loans - pros and cons of combining the two, how to find a knowledgeable loan company for either/both, and how to finance in these trying times. Also what to expect when negotiating land and/or construction loans. It is clear that many banks do not understand this process - where does one go for help?
2. Bathrooms - where to locate them inside your home; finishing interior logs for the shower; must haves, nice to have, and "in my dreams"; bathtubs - how many do we really need?; what value does it add to have a bath open into a second-master bedroom? versus just how many doors can that little bathroom have?; what about an outhouse? - is it practical or just for fun? it could be fun to have when one is on a lake - or if you have an outdoor hot tub or pool - is this practical to prevent wet folks from tracking into the house or just plain 'out there?"; discussion on the chemical or self contained toilets that do not require a septic tank (for the outhouse or the basement); what things in a bathroom add value to a home?; what tends to use up money - and not really worth it?; what about the end-line tankless water heaters? - how well do they work in areas where it freezes in the winter?; how many bathrooms are necessary in a home? and what is the minimum of what they should contain (shower or shower and tub - etc)?

OK that's it for now - more later. Dee

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Methods and Standards for Advancement of Log and Timber Structures has come a long way, and we professionals Log and Timber builders should be very proud of this. As we grow larger and larger as a building community we have missed something. The Log and Timber Home Owners and the horror stories that seem to grow and grow every year as we grow. The bad building standards of a few that hurt us all. Policing our own industry isn't being done! Not at all! This problem hasn't been addressed as a community because it is bad for business? Has political correctness infected our ability to not judge? Well ignoring this wont make it go away. How can we properly police these Bad Contractors? As an employee of one of best in the business for 3 decades I will say it! We have a problem Houston! I think I see one way to address this issues right in front of us. I believe this should be covered in-depth in your magazine? As an industry we owe it to whom pays all of our bills and share our passion, the Log and Timber Home owners of today, and the future people with dreams of there own Log and Timber Homes.


Hello! And what would you say about an article that compares the existing log house design programs? Would you like to see such a comparison of prices, functionality, user friendlyness and etc.?



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