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I have properties in northern lower Michigan and the Smokey Mountain areas. I would like to build log homes at both locations with the home in Michigan a secondary and modest residence. I know I can get a stick built home for this price but would much prefer a log home. I have a well, septic and electric so that doesn't need to be considered in the price. The land is paid for as well.

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Good morning! My husband and I are planning to build a log home in the NW section of North Carolina near Smoky Mtn. National Park. Turnkey quotes we're getting from builders in the area are $130 - $165 a sq. ft. $165 includes high end finishes such as granite, slate, etc. Hope you find this information helpful. Best of luck to you.

Thanks for the info. Our property in Tennessee is in Townsend which is close to the National Park as well. Your response gives me a ballpark figure. I suppose it is a matter of adjusting sqare footage and finishes to meet the price objective. I will be building 1st in Michigan as that is my home state. I know costs differ by location. Good luck on your plans as well.
Hi Tom,
We recently had a log home built in Gaylord, MI. Would you have a basement? Our builder did it for around $125/SF. He had good relationships w/ local suppliers and has been in the business for about 30 years. We bought our shell package from Hiawatha and had the builder supply the rest. As you begin this project - I would offer this unsolicited advice - if you want a log home - don't let others deter you. We came across many builders who tried to push us toward a stick built home or log sided home. If you have more questions - please feel free to contact me - . We also documented our building process at
(I recently became a rep. for Hiawatha since we loved our home so much.)
All the best to you!
Shelley Martinez
I should've also added that the price I mentioned below included a walkout basement, maple hardwood floors, custom kitchen cabinets, etc. - so we were pleased with what we got for the money. We did haggle hard!

So what you are saying seems to agree with Shelley S., I can manage this if I keep the square footage and upgrades modest. I have property about 3 miles east of Walloon Lake so I am not far from Gaylord. I would like a basement and my property is hilly enough for a walkout without having to excavate much. You might be sorry you offered as I have lots of questions. I will contact you at your address above.
Ask away! Additionally, on our elk country log home website - we do have a couple modest size log home kit floor plans listed - . We modified a stock plan to save $ and our home is just under 1,400 SF.

Well we are trying to find someone in Virginia to do ours and the price so far from one builder is $149 with unfinished basement...was yours finished or not? We are paying all the association fees like water hook up and association requirements. I am still looking for someone. There are a lot of good people looking for work that will give us a fair price.
We are turnkey builders in VA, you can reach us at 877-564-6261 web site is prices vary based on package, finishes, Turnkey definitions vary as much as the term package does with manufactures so come up with your own list of what you want priced and ask lots and lots of questions!
Joe, You are offering Appalachian Log Home Kits only?
I don't believe they will deliver to Michigan but when the times comes you might want to look at Blue Ridge log cabins for your Carolina home as they are located in northern South Carolina. Their modular, true log home looks pretty interesting and they have several models around 1000 sq ft. The only thing that I have found that might be considered a negative is that they use a 6 x 8 D log while most log home companies use and 8 x 8 although the narrower log is used for economy log homes by some. I haven't been able to find any complaints so far in my research. You put in the foundation and they drop the completed home on it. You hook up the power to the preinstalled electrical panel, hook up the water and the sewer and start cooking dinner. Decks are not included but they will quote on that. In theory they are done in 10 to 12 hours. HGTV did a special on them and they have the video on their web site.

It is certainly something to consider. I hope to build something a little more elaborate in Tennessee with the intent on spending more time there after retirement. Thanks for the response.

Hi Tom. Like you I'm looking to build a log home within my budget but I guess I'm doing something wrong. When I add my budget figures to the dri-in price I'm getting from log home manufactures I'm coming out way out of my budget limits. I realize that I probably will not be able to do a turn key exactly to my budget but it seems that I'm way out in left field someplace. I'll give you an example. I just got a quote from a very reputable log home manufacturer in North Florida. I should point out that the house I want to build is about 2200 square feet. Basically a rectangle with a second story and loft. Three bedrooms and 2.5 baths. His price to me is $252,514 and I'm not sure if that includes shipping and taxes.
My end of the budget is about $124,000. This includes just about everything from excavation, foundation, septic, well, back fill, appliances, cabinets, tile, fixtures, flooring, lighting, doors, locks, garage doors, attorney fees, permits and additional labor. I've even factored in moving expenses from Florida to North Carolina.
The total of the 2 numbers is $376,514. Perhaps I'm putting too much stuff into my end of the budget but I would hate to have any surprises when it comes time to pay the bills.
I was hoping to come in somewhere around $325,000 but am still looking for the magic that will get me to paradise.



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