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Greetings everyone.
I started this discussion yesterday, had it completed and then my computer kicked me off the internet for some reason, so if this is a duplicate I apologize.
I was wondering what is the proper placement of furniture around an area rug? on, off or partly on and off? We have beautiful wood flooring which is very shiny and slick, the furniture is always sliding out of position. Also what are your thoughts about an area rug in the vacinity of a wood burning stove. Our floors are beautiful but the bare wood looks too bare and my husband insists it's not a good idea to have a rug in front of the stove. Looking forward to your thoughts and ideas! ~Maryann

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Is your wood stove already installed? No matter. I suggest that you go to They have basic clearance requirements that will help you determine how far from the stove you should have any flammable material. They tell you how large a hearth you should have around the stove.

Regarding, on or off the rug with the furniture, I defer to my wife who is a designer. Her feeling is that the furniture should "catch" the rug. This gives the area a unified look.

Hope this is useful.

My wife and I had a similar problem with furniture slide and found the answer in buying some of the felt padding available in most DIY stores. It protects the floor but also seems to have just enough resistance to prevent the furniture for excessive sliding. Small pieces of non-slide rug padding will also work under the furniture legs, much like it does with area rugs.As far as area rugs, the only thing we have found that holds up well are hearth rugs in front of the woodburner which are fire and spark resistant. Most area rugs are not so and although we never had an issue with one catching fire, we did find that sparks made for an ugly rug when covered with black spark marks. We were encouraged to buy natural fiber rugs as these may singe a bit when hit by a spark but the mark can be "shaved" off with a razor and still have good fiber lower than the burn. Manmade fiber tends to melt all the way down to the backing and cant be shaved away. We decided to opt for area rugs smaller than the area in front of furniture, just so we didn't cover all the floor but left some wood showing. As we looked at decorating magazines, we have seen both techniques so it seems to be a matter of choice. Have fun and enjoy the cabin, no matter.


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