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I am interested, since this forum covers a lot of geography, to see if and how the current financial market situation is affecting your planning and/or building process.

I am very interested in real world accounts instead of what I see on the news where drama rules. Please share your story if you are inclined and thanks ahead of time.

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I am surprised, disappointed, that the lot prices surrounding Hendersonville are not dropping. It is keeping me from moving on.

Hey everyone!

I am just getting into the home design and construction business and can offer great deals on floor plans and 3D models! I am trying to break out into the general market and would like to find some new clients :)

We have a number of prospects that simply cannot get financing despite having stellar credit........We are busy enough and I expect this will be a good but modest year for us as our overheads have always been purposely low.....I guess it was tempting for others to expand like crazy, build model homes and hire huge staffs but my Dad told me this day was coming and we planned for it.

Don't let the media get you down! There are still reputable log home providers. If anything, the fall in our economy has dictated which companies shall rise again or continue to grow for that matter.
T.L.Timber Ltd., is log home provider, FACTORY DIRECT, that has increased production since the downfall of the economy through means of quality and pricing. FACTORY DIRECT MEANS NO MIDDLE MEN, NO DEALERS..just you, the builder and your savy ways to save money!

By all means price much as you can...just don't remind yourself that you get what you pay for and do your homework. T.L.Timber Ltd. has nothing to hide, is highly rated with many reputable companies and follows a strict code with respects to a certified grading system.

Large homes, Cabins..anything!

CHECK OUT T.L.Timber Ltd. ( A proud, family business since 1997 (British Columbia, Canada) If you are planning a yourself the justice and get a quote from them!!

It sure has affected my plans! The roof for what was to be my 8 sided hogan style log cabin was the stickler and ruination for me. I have now had to change to a regular cabin plan with a shed style roof due to the cost of OSB and the roofing metal prices that have gone rocketing sky high here ever since the lumber mills have closed down in this area. Oh well,at least I can still build a 32'x32' log cabin and have all the supplies for doing so now,just not the dream styleing with logs that I was hoping for. Yes the economy down-turn has hurt my building plans womewhat. At least I can still build my log cabin,but this is only possible because of an old mans generosity of giving me all his still standing burnt trees on 40 acres to build my cabin with. He told me that since he is 82 years old he will never be able to see green trees on any of his property again in his lifetime. He loves the idea of me building my log cabin with HIS trees and can't wait to see it finished.
By the way I am in west central Montana


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