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Hi - Please visit    Check out how I differ greatly from "kit sellers". Read how I can save you money. I do not have floor plans - I have logs to make any plan. Logs are grade stamped, dried, milled correctly. Ponder the folks selling an emotion - where logs make log homes and my business is logs, timbers, sidings, t&g and service. All you need is a licensed VA building contractor and my products.

Happy to assist you. Be very careful with the kit sellers!

Ron Wolfe

I live in a 97' Cavco Mfg Home that my Dad left me, that sits on 2.5 acres in Edgewood, NM.  It's really concerning me, because the "marriage line" is cracking, and have plumbing issues, the walls aren't insulated properly, and I just don't feel that "cabin feel".   My Dad sold his legacy he promised me for over 45 years, just 2 years before he passed.  I'm still trying to get over it.  Since the age of 6, he told me how his 18 acres, and cabin he built himself, would be mine someday...  So, I'm trying to find a way to "re-create" what was "taken" from me.  I'm starving for that "cabin feel".  Would like more information as to how I can make this happen.  You mentioned a licensed VA building contractor, so I'll do the research... But, I've a limited budget.... I'm on Disability, and alone.  Do you happen to have any contacts willing to volunteer their time?  And have any reject material you'd be willing to send me?  I just want to put up log siding, inside and out, install wood flooring, have my Dad's wood stove installed, and then I could full fill my "need" to live in the "atmosphere" I loved & lost.    Thanks!  You can email me at ---->  kara_bella at ya hoo. 

Hi everyone.  I am a retired police officer in South Carolina and my wife has a dog collar business she runs from our home.  Our dream has always been to have a log home in the country and one year ago God blessed us with what we were looking for.  When we began the search for our dream we both wrote a list of what we wanted in a log home and began praying about it.  We knew that if we found a home that fit what we had been praying for we would know it.  When we found our home it had everything that we wanted, even a  old style decorative metal back splash in the kitchen. I am glad there is a place like this where we can ask questions and get information from the experts. South Carolina is not a typical state where there are many log homes so it is difficult to find anyone who knows the in's and out's of log homes.

Hi, We are under contract on a 10 year old log home in Ohio. We had never set out for a log home, specifically, although we really do love it. Our hearts and sensibilities have been torn between contemporary and rustic, and as we were house hunting, we have known that we wanted a combination of the two [if we were purchasing a frame home]. That being said, now that we are [hopefully] getting a log home, we don't want to furnish it in the typical log cabin style. 


We really like mid-century furnishings with a clean, uncluttered, kind of 60's feel.
Think 'The Brady Bunch'.  
Obviously, this is not the Brady house but we do need to find a way to integrate non-traditional-non-cabin-non-country furnishings into it. 
I think that the log walls, wood floors and wood spiral staircase are enough wood for me. I don't want a bunch of loggy furniture.  
Looking on-line for inspiration has not been as fruitful as I had hoped. 99.99999% of log homes seem to be very cabin-y.  

I have found a few photos that are a little more modern but the modern is accomplished via architecture,

ie: drywall, and I want to accomplish the look I want with furnishings and not by adding 'walls'. I have a blog about our log home buying adventures:
I am hoping to find others who have designed their log homes in a more contemporary style or something non-traditional. 
I'd also love to connect with other resale log home buyers. 
Oh, and if anyone is in Clermont County Ohio, I started a Facebook Group:

welcome katherine,

i am a barn and cabin designer here in chicago. i think if you comb the site you will find many good ideas, some maybe on what you are looking for.

again, happy hunting.


howard p mock



I know exactly what you mean!  I have walked into many log homes and really had the feeling that the abundance of wood was over-bearing.  Recently, I have done some work in South America with logs and have been trying to integrate log building with their local style of building (concrete/brick/stucco) and I really like that look.  We have used log wall sections in between concrete posts and stucco on interior walls to retain the sense of strength and "fortress-like" building, but without the only color being WOOD.  Mixing different types of wood helps too - different grains and colors is more pleasing to the eye than an entire interior of bright white pine (for example)..




I like the idea of stucco. If I were building new I would like that instead of the drywall sections. Rustic textures but light. I wish I knew more about this house. I hope that once we close' we will be able to actually speak directly with the seller and learn more. 


The downstairs wood floors are definitely darker and more narrow than the upstairs floors, which are light wood wide planks. Nice light wood door frames too. I guess cedar is the predominant logs used for the walls? How can I tell?

Cedar will have smaller knots, cedar can eaisly be dented with even finger nail, heart wood will be amber color and lighter sap wood, Cedar will not seep sap as pines will.



Have a great day


Hello everyone.  My name is Michael.  I'm planning to have a log home built with construction starting early next year.  This year, I am doing the land clearing, septic design, road construction, permitting, and subdividing of the land.  I'm looking to getting estimates for the building portion that will begin in April/May of 2012.  From what I have read, getting a reputable builder is essential if not more essential than the company thru which the log kit is purchased.  


So my question which may be unanswerable is this.  Does anybody know of any reputable log home builders in Southern Vermont?  I will be building specifically in the West Dover area.  One of the log home companies I am thinking of buying the kit from sent a list of about 50 builders, which, does little in terms of helping to distinguish reliability and quality of work.  


My email is  Any suggestions are appreciated as they will help narrow my search especially if I can cross reference them with the massive list I currently have along with other recommendations from the people currently helping with work.  


Hello and have fun

A little about myself, Have been a builder for over 30 years, Have done many log home designs and structures, (i do not build anymore) now wife and I build furniture.

Few things to keep in mind about log homes, Make sure all overhangs are at least min. 24" wide and logs are at least 24" off the grade line, Its easier to control settling and compression in logs if all bearing is on exterior walls, and all interior walls have slip joints, No solid interiors wall. 

And most important once your home is completed make sure to visit our site at to check out our rustic furniture.

Have a great day


Hi, my name is Dan. I've been interested in building my own log home for years and have worked on installing the 1x6 T&G on the interior walls but have never had any experience in stacking. I don't like getting into anything without first getting some first hand experience. Is there a log stacking course available I can take to learn the ins and outs of stacking and what to lookout for?

Hi are you looking at the logs them self or the paneling.



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