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congratulations and good luck!

Hi! we are mark and dianna in western ny.  We are considering building with our own logs.  Working with the logs is nothing new to me, and i have an old norway spruce xmas tree farm.  I have stacked a few homes with and for other contractors and i feel i could take on this project.  I plan to "D" mill after hand peeling and air drying for a year.  I think we could be living there in less than three years if we save month to month for certain things like hardware, geothermal pump(i will do the ground work and bed the loops in sand, my backhoe is on site) and barter my time as helper with the plumbing and elec contractors.


are there any leads or tips on dealing with architect drawings and building inspectors with such a project as this.  Could i just spend 250 on a log home company set of modest home drawings i like, and then use my own materials?  My town and county will allow a residencial project to last a year with a possible 6 month extention.  i hope to maybe spread building permits out a bit; like put in well and septic and basement and electric in 1st year, then stack walls and "dry in" the next summer.  But i have to plan to wait on certificate of occ till the following spring... unless i can convince inspector, and my sweetheart that we can live in an interior construction zone.  wish me luck with that.


thanks for hearing me,  looking forward to any response on any issue i mentioned, or any other for that matter.   c ya.


as a designer, i would recommend you figure out the plans you want first. then look at stock builder plans, in that order. it is much harder, in my opinion, to alter your wishes to fit an existing plan; rather than alter the plans to fit your wishes. 

i rehab and restore older, sometimes historic structures. timber, log and traditional. the unique and frequently playful idiosyncrasies of each individual owner/builder is part of the fun of it all.

good luck!


thanks howard, i have been looking at stock plans for 2 or 3 years now.  I am very satisfied with a modest floorplan that Hochstettler has on file; interior wall location and layout is good.  If i go with my own logs though, i will want to increase dimensions by 4 feet on length and robably 2 or so feet on depth.  I would then be able to simply(ha ha) up the scale of all the interior room dimensions.  I will talk to them about the ease and expense of modifying the drawings accordingly.

thanks again, Mark.

We just purchased 2 acres in Franklin N.C. and plan on building a log cabin in the spring 0f 2012. Still mesmerized by all the info we are finding on the internet, but we will hopefully figure it all out soon and make a final plan! LOL.   Matt and Ang

Hello Everybody:

Well this is the third time that I have tried to post on the welcome page. We have a nosey cat named Bug and she likes to help type on the key board. Last night she stepped on the enter key and locked up the computer.  She is preoccupied tonight. We are big animal lovers, we foster for the Humane Society and except for the two horses and our Border Collie the rest of our animals have come to us either by being dropped on the road below the cabin or we picked them up at the paper mill where we work. The count right now is 4 cats and a Beagle named Hattie. Our latest find is a half bread Pomeranian and her pup. I found them Monday (10/17/11) morning on my way to work, she and her pup had been dropped on the road below the cabin Sunday night. They are up for adoption if anyone is interested.   We purchased our cabin in 2000, that's where the email address comes from. Ever since we purchased our cabin with its 14 acres, it's been one thing after another and I have been the field hand. We've cleared pasture for the horses, built the barn, moved the wood shed and built the garage, nothing we could't handle. But now we hope you all can give us some good advice on the problem we are having with the cabin we'll talk about that later. Just wanted to say Hello for now.


 (notice the misspelling.)


love the cabin, really down-home lookin'. what's the problem?


howard p mock

I'm Mike, My wife and have purchased some land in Southwest Oklahoma, near Sardis Lake. We Have started building a Small log Cabin (20x26) and we must be crazy because we are building from scratch using primarily the wood on our property(Pine, Cedar, various Oak, and Hickory). I'll Load up some files and you'll see that I'm about to make some decisions. I've been trying to gather info on different Butt and Pass methods, and am leaning toward flat on flat (I Guess). I've been reading the forum and decided to join and put my stuff out there and get some input to try to minimalism the really good lessons (painful).
Hi there, my husband and I are in the process of purchasing a log home it needs a little TLC and updating. Maybe an addition and definitely a garage! Looking forward to everyones experience and advice on our journey!


We purchased a 10-20 year old log home near Yellowstone National Park, it was not well maintained and we spend 8 months fixing it up.  Now we have one of the top vacation rentals in the area.

Many of the interior decorations were designed by myself. 

I just found out this fall that a red fox was living under the deck, protected by a large roof overhang.


We are new to the forum but, would like to invite you to visit , there is alot neat stuff that can be used for decoration of your new log home.Hope you enjoy!!

Hi Tiffany.  I haven't logged onto the Log Home site as much as I should but still am glad to hear from you & everyone else.  I continue to create unique pieces for many log homeowners and others.  I'm nearing completion on another fireplace mantel as well as numerous smaller pieces.  Visit my website anytime... something else I need to update...



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