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We are new to the forum but, would like to invite you to visit , there is alot neat stuff that can be used for decoration of your new log home.Hope you enjoy!!

Hi Tiffany.  I haven't logged onto the Log Home site as much as I should but still am glad to hear from you & everyone else.  I continue to create unique pieces for many log homeowners and others.  I'm nearing completion on another fireplace mantel as well as numerous smaller pieces.  Visit my website anytime... something else I need to update...


When I designed my remodel, I used Google Sketchup.  The application is free and you can see many examples of use on youtube.  When you are done, you there is even a walkthough and spin around feature so someone can see what it would be like.   Just an idea.

My name is Denny Johnson and our neighbors, Fred and Suzie Dillon, have 200 acres of beautiful Ozark land on Bear Creek and a log home that they built. They want to sell this log home and build another one in a different location on their property. Fred did a lot of research like many on this site and decided to go with Lincoln Logs International. They were very happy with them and now Fred is a dealer for them in this area. Fred plans to sell and build Lincoln Log homes on smaller portions of his property and has hired me to do some marketing for him. This website is the best place I've seen for meeting people and companies that share a common interest and passion for log homes. I look forward to participating in the conversation and learning from everyone here as there are many wonderful log home businesses and knowledgeable folks who love log homes.  Check out Fred and Suzie's log home construction photo album either here or on their Facebook Page.


Hello Everyone:

My name is Dan and my wife own a construction company, Gloede Builders and Design  I have over 32 years of construction experience in designing and fabricating custom house plans. I also have extensive experience in building retirement communities, log homes, pole buildings, custom cabinetry, decks and custom home designs. My expertise on the job site is a valued asset within the construction business.  And my active presence on the job site creates an open work environment for communication between himself and the homeowners.   

I have recently became interested in the designing and construction of log homes when we decided to pursue our dreams of building and living in a log home.  I have done extensive studies on the type of logs that would work best to maintain the most naturally and environmentally efficient homes. Gloede Builders and Design is affiliated with Great Lake Laminator and offers services in Eastern Oklahoma, Southern Kansas, and Western Missouri. We specialize in custom log home designs and construction. Please check out our website: for more information about our company. 

Going green is the way to go! Insulated logs are the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Still not sure? Check out this website to see phases of the construction process using insulated logs:

Great to be a member of the Log Home Neighborhood. We built our log home 16 years ago in South Carolina on 5 acres and never regretted one minute of the experience. Would do it all again!!!!! Can't wait to read all the great stories and see lots of uploaded pics.


Hi everybody, my wife and I have just purchased our first log home (fully scribed) home is 16 yrs old 2 story with a full walk out basement appr 3200 sq ft. We live up in north Canada (Yukon) the current owners have been on the home for appr 18 months and have to leave the territory due to family reasons. They weren't sure on the type of logs that were used in the house or when they were stained last. We have had the house inspected and it checks out. We just have some question in regards to the points noted above. I can upload photos to give people an idea of what I'm looking at. Thanks in advance.


Hello everybody,

My name is Dan, and I handcraft everything from log art furniture, rustic or primitive decor, barnwood furniture, walking sticks, canes and more.  I am hoping to have everything worked out to where I can start building our Log Home this fall.  I look forward to having some great discussions with everyone.

Hey Dan, do you have a website of everything you offer? Goodluck with the adventure its truly an awesome experience, thanks

Sandra Here is My Website or I have items available through my Etsy shop , thanks for your interest and I am looking forward to it.

Welcome to the log world Sue.  

I must say you have a unique life style, it sounds fun.  

I remodeled a log home years ago that sustained an internal fire like yours. 

The smoke smell was the biggest obstacle to overcome.  Our solution was to paint the interior logs with this special paint, and then furred out the whole interior standard 2x4 framing.  We finished it with a country look using bead board wainscot etc.  In the end there was still a faint smell of smoke, but that went a way after it was lived in again for a few months.  

Have fun in the neighborhood.  :)


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