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We found the SOLUTION for everyone with FLY PROBLEMS! A friend of ours found these people and recommended them to us. We can't thank them enough. Check out their website - - we have 1/10 the flies after they sealed our home. We have always been inundated with flies. Not anymore!!! We highly recommend them to all log home owners. What they did even made our house warmer - - no more drafts. And they were very professional - - the type of people you enjoy doing business with. The name of the company is "Deny The Fly Log Home Maintenance". Their number is 406-721-2399. They are located in Montana, but I do know that they travel.

Hi.  I found your site by searching for a Heritage Log Homes rep in the TN area to inquire about replacement windows.  What I found was kind of surprising that they had filed for chapter 11.  Not surprising based on the way my family and I were treated when we bought and had Heritage build our log home in 1991.  By the time they finished building the shell almost 15 months had elapsed, with four different crews coming in to work on it.  The previous three left for various reasons, mainly not being taken care of by Heritage, or so they said.  We also found out years later that none of the windows were sealed, with anything, the roof wasn't properly ventilated, and the first and second floor tongue and groove flooring had been left out in the open, to the elements, prior to Heritage putting the roof on.  So, you can imagine the years of cracking and nails popping up we've had to endure.

Enough about the bad stuff.  We live in Northern Virginia, my wife and 10 year old daughter, along with 2 cats and 4 dogs.  As of 2008 I could have retired, but keep working so the brain doesn't turn to mush.

The reason we're joining this site is to learn about the state of the log home community, 20 years after we first entered it.  We also can potentially share some experiences we've had with our home over the years, alot more good than bad now that we have the home under control.


Hello, My name is Steven Adler, and live in New Hampshire.

I built my own log home about 8 years ago and absolutely love it.

I didn't buy a kit. I bought bundles of random length milled 6"X8" D logs.

It was actually a lot of fun and i would love to do it again someday.

Hello my name is Gina, buying my first log home,

its located in florida built in 1995. Cant wait to read and learn from other log home owners.

Hi Neighborhood host. Thanks for your efforts to warmly welcome the new visitors to your fine sight. This is one of the most beneficial sites I have found for the log home community. My hat's off to you all. Blessings,


HI Im new i this forum.

I Hope to get along with everyone

Thanks for the invite to neighborhood. I've been in the log home industry for 40 years. Built my first log home in Vermont in 1972. My business is - supplying premium logs and supplies all over the planet for log homes and commercial buildings. I'll be happy to offer my experience for clients, builders, log home dreamers or anyone fascinated by this popular building method.

Hope you have a great day and I'll check back to see the progression of your services.

Ron Wolfe - Wholesale Log Homes  July 18, 2012.

Hi all! I hope nobody minds but I don't have a log home (yet).  Instead I make creations for log homes and I would like to sit in the background and hopefully gain some insight on what you great people like to decorate your home with.  No spam here just a fellow log home lover.

Hi everyone , just like to introduce myself , my name is Andy Edwards and I run a small log cabin and timberbuilding business in the UK called Beaver log cabins.

The name log cabin seems to be widely used in the United Kingdom but in reality they look very different to what we all really traditionally understand to be a log cabin that early pioneers lived in. Another good example of two countries divided by a common language, you say tomato... and I say tomato. It is very rare that logs have not been milled  over here and the majority of timberbuildings in the United Kingdom are probably what you would understand to be a log cabin kit. They are mostly manufactured from Timber from the Nordic countries and Eastern Europe.

Hope to learn lots here about log cabins in the States and see lots of examples of real log cabins . Hi again to everyone

Hi Andy.

Good fortune in your building with LOGS in the UK.

If and when you have the need for a varied line of log sizes, shapes and corner styles, I'll be happy to work with you. I've shipped to the UK and many locations around the planet. Please visit and see if what I provide can fit into your business plan.

Cheers, Ron

Thanks Ron,

gonna take a look , thanks for the link.



Hi!  End of July I bought a 1950-ish log home that has a stick-built addition and it's all covered in aluminum siding.  Bare logs inside, though.  I've taken a couple peeks at what's under the siding and there's a good reason it's covered :) 

It's a lakefront cottage and will be my summer get-away.

I plan to strip the old tired siding off & re-side with natural-edge white cedar/  Am I still allowed to be here if I keep the decrepit exterior logs covered?


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