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Hello everyone. Nice website!

About me: I planned and dreamed about owning a log home for decades and we finally started building in 2007. Still have a looonnnggg way to go but I'm closer now than I've ever been.
Do you have any pictures or stories you can share?
Photos of our progress

The most recent pictures are from April 08 - hope to have new ones downloaded soon.
Hi everyone. I'm new to the site. Please visit My Page in the Community Members tab for photos of my log home in North Eastern PA.
Wow! What a great idea! For the past hour & 1/2, I've been enjoying your comments and pictures. I am new to this site and to be quite honest, I'm new to this blogging thing too. But I just couldn't help myself. My husband and I are not yet log home owners but are planning to begin building early 2010. We're waiting for our last of three sons to graduate from college. Just today we ordered our preliminary plans! We're so excited!
Hi All: I am new to the neighborhood. We built our log home in New Hampshire in 2005 as a vacation home. Believe me, I wish I were there 24/7. This was a life long dream come true. It's nothing spectacular at 1,300 sq ft but even our teenagers love going there with & without their friends. It's really great family time (no computers or cable). The kids snow board and my son is anxious to get an ATV to keep there as we are located on a major ATV trail. Nice and quiet area on a river in a small town in the White Mountains. Even though we don't live there I think about the place daily and look forward to our next visit. After talking to other log home owners and reading magazine articles and it does seem that we all share this passion for log home living. At first I thought it was just me. My only wish is that the tv networks would come up with the "Log Home Channel" as they seem to have a tv channel for everything else. Carl
Hello everyone,

My name is Shane and my wifes name is Dawn. We are beginning to plan and purchase supplies for our new log home that we are beginning to build in the spring of 2009. I am extremely excited about building this home, because I have been waiting for nearly 22 years to build it. Over the years I have owned a fixer upper and a mini home neither of those projects were very exciting, both were rather messy and stressful. ( Drywall dust, paint splatter, re-plumbing etc etc etc.... I am sure most of you have been through it. Anyhow I am a Carpenter/Cabinetmaker with most of my experience in the shop end of the business. I only have minimal experience with concrete work, and I have the same experience with roof systems. Those are my week spots and I hope I can get all the information I can concerning those two areas. I have lots of experience in the finishing end ( Cabinets, doors, staircases etc... ) so if I can be of any help to anyone in those areas, feel free to ask. Enough about that, I do have a question concerning foundations.

Question; We live in New Brunswick, Canada. were we have some pretty cold winters. The frost is at approximately 3-3.5 ft down, we are going to put a footing at 4ft deep. Then we are going to bring the frost wall to grade level, here is were my predicament begins, I want to use red/orange/grey granite for my visual wall from grade to 12 - 16 " tall by 10" thick. how wide and deep should the footing be, how wide should the wall be and how do you waterproof the granite and mortar.
Hi Shane and Dawn,

My husband and I live in northern Alberta and we are building our log home now. Our footings are 4 ft. down and they are a continuous 24" x 10" concrete footing. We used Nudura styrofoam forms and poured an 8" thick foundation wall. Hope this helps.

My name is Ray M. I am in the final building stages of my log home. I am ready to start power washing the exterior logs, I have heard and read that you show use a bleach cleaner and then oxalic acid secondly power wash off, rebug, and then stain. Does this even sound close?
Hi All,

Just wanted to say Hi. We're in the process of finishing a log home that is ~75% complete, and are completely naive to the realities of log home living, but what a great project!!

Looking forward to chatting with you all about experiences and the process.

Hello my name is Matt Jaworski owner of Ohio Log Home Restoration and Jaworski Coatings, Inc a log home refinishing company. Just want to say hello to everyone and i'm glad to be a part of any log home ciscussions or topics. If anyone has any questions regarding refinishing and or restoration please let me know, I'd be glad to help if I can.
Hello Matt, I know this is an old topic but I thought I'd try. I think I saw some pics of your work at lightening up the interior of a log home with fantastic results. Is this a strip and restain project or a recoating to make the logs and interior look new and light and glossy from that really dark finish. It is something I'm interested in doing here in upstate NY. I've never seen it done around here.


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