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my name is Dusko, I am original from Switzerland and now I live in Ontario, Canada.

Here is my 'log home' story:

Before I left Europe I took a course in building handcrafted log homes at a school in Germany (Sequoia, das Urblockhaus). The plan was to learn how to build my own handcrafted log home on my property. After the first day I realized how labor intensive this is and saw no chance for me to do this. As a software engineer I am not used to work with my body. And just to buy was to expensive for me because I had already to pay for movement to Canada with all the expenses - buy a car, household, no job etc.pp. So the plan turned into just a dream :(

1 year later a flash hit my brain! Of course - that's the way to do it: I had the idea how to build a handcrafted log home with software, laser-scanner and a CNC machine :) So I started to develop a special software, search for a machine and all the tools I need and put all my time in this project. Now - 2 years later - it is finally done :) The system is working and I can produce handcrafted log homes with a machine in the fraction of the time a human need.

Because I was born in Europe, the energy saving virus is deep in me. Where I come from, we get a fine when we let the car motor run for more the 7 seconds behind a red light... Oil to heat is so expensive that we think a lot how to save energy. I think, there is nothing wrong with saving energy as long i don't have to miss something. Now my personal goal is clear: I want to build healthy, energy efficient and for everybody affordable handcrafted log homes. There is no point in building good houses when nobody can afford it! I would like to see young families in these healthy houses.

For this reason I decided to optimize my process as much as I can and build now 'Piece en Piece'. PeP has a lot of advantages and is now the cheapest way to build. This can be build in modules, does not need log and expensive logs and we can produce all year long. Every house type can be build because it's basically like Lego: just put your handcrafted log home together. If you want more information feel free to visit my website at

So, that's me. I hope I don't get in trouble because this is also a kind of advertising... I just think this is part of me and maybe could be interested for other who would like to live in a handcrafted log home but could not afford until now.

Cheers, Dusko
Hi everyone,

Me and my wife will be closing on our first home in a month, and it is a log home. The home was built in 2001 and has been vacant for a year or so. The logs are in good shape but are in need of a new stain and chinking. And a few minor things that need to be done on the inside. Since we know very little about log homes we will be looking forward to everyones knowledge.
need referral to log cabin hom eowner and to Catskill NY - Sulivan County - log cabin builder anybody know a good builder who has built a log cabin in sullivan county? I live in Bethel, NY. also would like to spk w folks who own a log cabin in Sullivan countyt and see what their experience has been like
Hello all,

Just wanted to say hello, and maybe by joining, can meet some new people and learn as time goes along. I'm not a log home expert and probably never will be, but have learned to appreciate them very much in our project and especially the people that built them way back when. We started preserving one of our old old family "homeplace/farm" log homes. Too much to tell, and still work in progress. I've captured its history and evolution at our family farm website on "Circa 1770 Log Home" link at This is just an informational site, so don't worry.... Not trying to sell anything.
Randy D.
I've just used up 1/2 of a day reading about your old homeplace. Can't wait for updates. thanks for sharing the link. Jackie
Hello Jackie,

You mean to tell me that you went through all that. Man, that takes a while, because I just keep adding to it as we go. This log home project is slow going, and it's cutting into all my other piddling stuff. Anyway, thanks for looking. I hope it was somewhat enjoyable.

Hello Randy,

Love what you have done to preserve the History of this log home- You have done a great job!

Enjoy the benefits of living @ a slower pace & the relaxation that only a true log home can bring- Jim & I pray that you have a very Merry Christmas 2010 & a Happy New Year!

Sincerely, Jim & Dianne Williams, Mobile, AL

Thank you all.

Randy D.

Hello Everyone!!! We have just purchased a log home on 9 beautiful acres in NEOhio. My husband is originally from TN so this was the next best thing to being home as we could find and still be close to my family. Our home is a 2 bdrm/2ba ranch-style (1400 sq ft) post and beam log home on beautifully landscaped and wooded land. We have a two sided open stone fireplace in the open floor plan main living area. The dining area looks out on the wooded back yard with deck, hot tub, fireplace, fish pond, grape arbor and wonderful sunsets over the gentle rolling hills. This is truly our dream home and we feel so blessed to be the caretakers of such a peaceful and serene place! We look forward to being part of the Log Home Neighorhood!!
Rick and Sheri Armes
Hello Sheri & Rick, I just joined also and I am spreading the word about my company. If you are looking for any log furniture for your new home we have a sale right now at our site. This log furniture is made in Northern Michigan by Amish craftsmen, we give a 25 year warranty, free shipping, this furniture comes fully finished at no extra cost, we deliver and set it up for you at no extra cost. when you are ready to buy your next piece check us out at . We give volume discounts, thanks, Bradley

Best Wishes on your new adventure! You will find that decorating a log home takes a little bit more thought than a house, but the results is astounding & reaxing!

Jim & I wish you & yours a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Jim & Dian Wiliams, Mobile, AL ( Chunchula, AL)

Hi everybody
I'm Al
A chippie in NZ and finally found my idea of a dream home, I have only ever wanted to build once for myself and wanted it to be the right one. I cannot believe it has taken me 30 yrs to figure out that Log is what I want. I guess it comes as no surprise when you learn that Log is considered an alternative style of building in NZ (only been around for about 1000yrs). Then I worked on one for a friend. I was immediately converted and am now saving hard.



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