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As you can see from my "Introduction" page, I organize and host web seminars for log home enthusiasts on a variety of topics. Currently we feature a "Log Home 101" that covers the myriad of steps involved in getting started with log home construction, as well as a "Questions to Ask your Manufacturer" and a "Maintenance and Preservation" seminar.

I would like to ask the members of the Log Home Neighborhood for suggestions on what you would like to see covered, and invite you to help create the newest in this seminar series. Please comment to this post with any ideas you might have.

I believe that education is the key to making any informed decision, and it is with this in mind that I develop these seminars. My main goal is to provide a source for knowledge so that it is easy to make the decision that is right for YOU.

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One of the problems we see most often, is that owners don't think about the exterior too much. I think it is important for owners to be able to identify potential problem areas, places prone to rot, what various insect holes and insect types are, things like that. Rot and insects are often seen together, so these in a series make sense to me. Other subjects might be, proper landscaping and drainage. I can't begin to tell you the number of homes we have seen with problems on the logs due specifically to close vegetation and trees. Likewise, proper drainage, and sufficient gutter systems (and lets keep them clean folks) are very important. The last thing you want is a backed up gutter providing free flowing water over your log ends, especially if you have been neglecting them.
Thanks for your great comments. I invite you to take a look at next months Maintenance and Preservation web seminar. We cover most of these items. I will definitely be adding some of your comments as well.
I'll check it out for sure! Thanks!


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