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I believe the tradition of naming your home/cottage started in England. My husband & I had a vote on our blog and had our readers help choose our name which ultimately ended up being "The Loon's Nest" (due to a nesting pair of Loons on the lake and the fact that I love them.) We are going to have a sign made up and posted at our log home entrance. What have you named your log home (or your future log home) and how did you come up with it? I love hearing everyone's names. Also - a great site that has name ideas and makes up signs for cabins/cottages is . Check out their galleries. (Some of the names: Critter Cabin, Moonbeams and Cabin Dreams, Lure Lodge, Nine Pine Acres, etc.)

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Thought this would be an easy process but it isn't. Trying to find just the right name that reflects the cabin and our ideas. We have bantered back and forth about Bear Creek which is the name of the farm we currently live on which sits on Bear Creek and Running Buffalo and I don't have a clue as to how that one surfaced but it sounds cool. I think the naming is going to have to wait until one of those cold winter nights by the fire. Of course the grandchildren have the answer; just call it "Grandpa's Cabin".
Dan and Pat
Bear Creek seems to set the mood! But so does "Grandpa's Cabin." Let me know what you decide! :-)
My husband is a concrete contractor and pours concrete for a living. We've been thinking about "Pour Man's Dream" - a little play on words. Who knows.... Thanks for the link to the sign maker. We'll need it if we can ever decide on a name. There are so many decisions! Anne
I think it's a great idea! I grew up on a street by the name of Farmhaven Ave. So I've been mulling over calling my place "Farmhaven Acres". I have alot of great childhood memories growing up on that street. Thanks for the web link to signs. I just may use them. Nancy
We haven't decided on a name yet, but we are leaning towards "Ruth's Roost". Say that five times real fast!
Hi Shelley!

Well, we call our log home Schrader Landing (but you knew that and thank you for visiting and adding me to your favorite log blog links). We've been boaters our whole life and as the land is on the river and we'd been up in the air for so long trying to sell the old log just seemed to fit. I don't know if we'll put up any signs, but there is the possibility that we may get to name our very long driveway (considered a "private way") and rest assured that it will be called Schrader Landing Road when and if we get that privilege.
So many great names!
Anne - I like how you're thinking on your name idea!
Wes - Ruth's Roost would be fun!
Dianne - How great to have a long driveway!
Rita & Joe - Place of Peace sounds like heaven.

We named our place Cherry Acres. We always loved the show Green Acres so we changed it a bit to fit us.
Kevin & Teresa Cherry
What a great & unique name! (By the way, I love that color stain you used on your logs!)
Shelly: This is Kevin, if you were referring to our stain, we didn't use any. All we did was use clear polyurethan. We put two coats on the entire inside. The logs are white pine.
Hi Shelley,

Our grand daughter saw a bear paw print near our house and said, "Look granpa, bear toe!" Our log home is cozy like a bungalow, so Beartoe Bungalow was born.

John and Sandy
Now that name definitely evokes a big smile!


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