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I believe the tradition of naming your home/cottage started in England. My husband & I had a vote on our blog and had our readers help choose our name which ultimately ended up being "The Loon's Nest" (due to a nesting pair of Loons on the lake and the fact that I love them.) We are going to have a sign made up and posted at our log home entrance. What have you named your log home (or your future log home) and how did you come up with it? I love hearing everyone's names. Also - a great site that has name ideas and makes up signs for cabins/cottages is . Check out their galleries. (Some of the names: Critter Cabin, Moonbeams and Cabin Dreams, Lure Lodge, Nine Pine Acres, etc.)

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Ah the ol name game LOL!

Well since our lot is at the end of the road, about a mile off the main road, it was only fitting to call our place "The Boondocks" ;-)


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