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What is best stain for exterior of log home?

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Have removed Super Deck, under the same type of overall blackening - widespread mildew failure....don't see that product very often. Have not applied it.


Dan, you sound like the kind of man who would appreciate Lovitt's Natural Gold oil based wood finish, see it at

I need to restain our home and I'm looking at Sansin, Sashco Transformation, and Armstrong-Clark stain. I noticed you mention that you used to have Sansin. What types of issues did you have with Sansin? Any other info you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.
Thanks Alan. I could not get a real good look at how the logs are holding up with the Sansin, but it doesn't look too bad for 3 years. They do have decent soffits to help though. Have you had any experience with Sashco's Transformation, versus the Sansin? The Tranformation is an oil, while the Sansin is supposed to be a water/oil mix I think, but that's confusing to me. Transformation is not too cheap, but Sansin is even more as it does not cover as much and needs three coats. I just want to make the best decision so I don't have to strip again for a LONG time.
Terry T.,
Part of that (2-3 year thing) is the need for maintenance cleaning, and realize of course that when one cleans it is smart to put a light coat back on for a variety of reasons. It is important to the life of ANY finish, oil or acrylic, to maintain the exterior and clean regularly to avoid the build-up of pollens, and the beginning of mildew and algae growth which can degrade the finish applied to the logs and cause its life to be shortened. This leads to the need to completely remove the finish and start from scratch. I'm sure you have seen the degradation of the top of the round of a log, the wear, the uneven look of the coating, etc. from lack of maintenance at years 2 or 3.

We just looked at a log home that the homeowner had applied Sikkens to when they built it. The application was poor. The maintenance was zero until it was too late. Anything now will be a band aide if it is not completely redone. Why? Cost cutting from the start, not having a professional applicator prep the logs and put tha critical first application down, and then ignoring maintenance.

NEVER leave out maintenance. Pollutants are not easy to see with the naked eye, often until it is too late.

Sorry for the rant....time for more coffee! :-)

See Dirt Run! Inc. Log Home Maintenance
Great advice, Beth. Thanks for sharing. :-)

I would disagree, I have used Sikkens on several log homes with very good results. Cetol 1 is a breathable material it also has great uv retention. If you maintain the finish you will have a very beautiful and durable finish.
You're an applicator or an owner? Are you saying you have never seen one that was improperly applied or failed due to lack of maintenance? We maintain several Sikkens homes, but they are done on schedule as the home and exposure on any given side dictates. I don't think we are talking about the same thing, and fully believe Sikkens is not a DIY product. It takes proper prep (most owners skip this - sorry) and it takes a good eye and a steady hand with a brush.

You'll like the Armstrong Clark. They will also send you free samples of any or all the colors you want. Call them, ask for Jake Clark (owner) and tell him Beth from See Dirt Run sent you.

I used Weatherseal on my log home and i am totally happy with the results.
One caution however: Before you order the stain, get samples for ALL the colors you like in the book.
The colors vary quite a bit from the book, and different logs, ect.
Next, take scrap log pieces left over from construction and apply samples to each piece. Let dry according to directions and apply second coat. (or however many coats they recommend)
Make sure to use clean pieces roughly the same size for comparison.
I ordered 8 samples and in the end was glad i did.
I chose Apache brown when i compared the colors. It looks more like Autumn in the book. My original choice was canyon brown, and if i had ordered it without comparing them, i would have been disappointed for sure. Some colors were a real surprise.
I do like Sansin.........It really depends on the company......every stain will fail from time to application guides.....all sorts of reasons but what does the manufacture do for the consumer if this should occur? That is the important thing........most stain companies do not even want to know your name if there is a problem.........they might give you replacement product but that is pretty much it. A 1000 years ago, I was one of the first applicators of Perma-Chink and at that time, they didn't know that Styrofoam SM outgassed and would delaminate their chinking.....I found out for them.......bubbles,bubbles everywhere and a client that was not happy......"doesn't everyone like bubbles?" didn't sit well with the client. I called Perma-Chink and they said: "Rip it out and replace it and we will pay for everything including labor".......Now that was a class act........
We have a log home in the middle of North Carolina that is about 5 years old. We had it restained less than 3 years ago with an Oil Based product made by California Paints. We are disappointed at how it is holding up and how it wears badly/unevenly on some walls. The west wall is the worst and it has a lot of dark and some lighter areas. We are going to strip it and start over. I'm looking at a few stains - Sashco Transformation, Sansin Classic, maybe Penofin Log On, and maybe Armstrong-Clark. I'm kind of leaning toward Sansin Classic, but interested in your thoughts versus the other brands. Sansin does sound like it is more breatheable than Transformation, and Transformation I'm told has to be stripped every 5 to 10 years (ouch). Don't know enough on the Penofin or Armstrong-Clark except that they are oil based penetrating products. My contractor likes the Permachink, but I'm not sold on that line really. Any and all feedback you have would be greatly appreciated. My email is .


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