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What is best stain for exterior of log home?

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Ray - I don't know if there's one best stain. We recently stained our home with Sashco products and were happy w/ the color, product, the directions they provided to our builder as well as their customer service. You can view my stained home either on my log home neighbordhood page or on my blog documenting our building process: . I can provide you with a contact if you'd like.

Before you buy any water based acrylic formula and become the test subjects of a new formula, you should see what the professionals have been using for over 10 years restoring and maintaining log homes

Lovitt's Natural Gold oil based wood finish


I can't say what the best stain is, however I've used WoodGuard on my current log home and my previous log home - two homes combined for a total of 18 years.
Have been completely satisfied. My neighbor also has a 10 year old log home and they used WoodGuard as well, and are pleased with the product.
One of the products suggested by our log home company was Weather Seal (made by the same company that creates Wood Guard). Weather Seal is an oil based product. Is Wood Guard? I've been researching Oil vs. Water base stain and protectant for our White Pine home. I read many pro's anc con's on both. The list of products I feel have the best recommendations are PermaChinnk, Sashco, Sansin, WeatherSeal/Wood Guard.
I'm very interested in any more information regarding your use of Wood Guard. Did you do the work yourself? How long did the treatment last, what type of log? What location of country are you in and have you gotten any mold/mildew? Thanks in advance for anymore info.
After a gret deal of research I created my own "How to do" sheet on prepping and staining exterior and exterior logs. if you would like a copy please send me your e-mail address and I will e-mail you a copy. I too considered the products you listed. You will be interested at what the wood experts offer as their first choices. The log home builders often encvourage you to use what they sell retail at sometimes very 'hefty prices'. Doing your research becomes extremely important. Once you have made your choice and stained your log home, changing your choices and attempting to try additional products can become your worst nightmare. Make your first choice a well informed choice.
Hi....We are thinking about building/buying a log home and need to learn everything involved with owning such; would yo please send us your "how to do sheet".My email is ....

Wow Terry - I would love to have a copy too! Especially since we will be adding another coat next year - thanks so much!!
Would you send me a copy if your "How to do " sheet?
Interested in your How to do sheet and any other advice on restain a log home. My email address is Thanks.
Terry ,I just bought a full log home last year and am planning to restain next month.I would love a copy of your how to sheet.My email is !
Hi Terry,

I'm getting ready to caulk and restain the exterior logs on my home. I would appreciate any advice you could provide on which caulk, stain and weatherproofing products to use. Could you also e-mail me your how-to prep and stain instruction sheet. My email address is:

I would appreciate a copy on How to do re: prepping and staining exterior logs. Thank you


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