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What is best stain for exterior of log home?

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Well now that is just not true at all.


We are log home maintenance and restoration professionals. Our specialty is maintaining well installed coatings, or installing coating to homes that need to be brought back to bare wood due to neglect. (as well as performing all related services)


You cannot reasonably expect to let a coating got for 5+ years and maintain it without having some degree of failure occur. ALL coatings, both oils and acrylics must be maintained at regular intervals in order to keep the finish in good condition. Maintenance applications should be applied at the correct intervals based upon exposure.


We have many log homes with acrylics installed that look as good today as the day we first did them, due to proper maintenance. If you maintain the finish, you should not have to go back to bare wood.


Further observations:

Cleaning an acrylic to maintain it is very easy and the cleaner will not harm the finish or remove part of it when done correctly.


Very few oil behave that way. If the oil based product has a non-drying oil as a part of the formulation, then some of that oil will be removed with each cleaning meaning that a recoat will be needed on the sides you clean.


In our observation, today's acrylics perform better than today's  oils do. Many states are already effected by the 2005 VOC law changes, meaning that the oils available to the effected states have been reformulated and we have seen a decreased longevity in the installed life of the product.


Take all of this for what it is. Information. We sell services, not products, and we have worked with many and have seen how they hold up.


Beth Borrego

Vice President

See Dirt Run Log Home Maintenance & Restoration


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I would like a copy of your "How to do" sheet and list of what products the wood experts offer as their first choices. It seems very difficult to get much agreement on what products are best and tons of horror stories. I would appreciate your opinion. Please send to and thanks a lot. My greatest concern here matches yours as once you make a choice and if you make a bad choice, seems like it can be difficult to remove the old coat or repair the problem without a lot of time, effort, and money.


I'm preparing to stain/seal my log home this spring.  Can you please email me a copy of your "How to do" sheet.  Why reinvent the wheel.  Thanks Mike

hi terry we are in the procecess of buying our first log home and we would love a copy of your how to do sheet, on staining the exterior, many thanks graham n julie
Sorry for the late reply. I need your e-mail address.
terry our email adress is regards graham n julie

Hi Terry,


I would also like your information on staining. Our cabin is milled log, un-stained (3 weeks old) we plan on staining the first week of Aug. Some of the samples we have tried are Sashco Transformation, High Sierra. - Permachink - Q-8 log oil - Sikkens log & siding. My main worry is maintenance down the road on these products. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jim


It's very smart to look ahead to maintenance issues prior to choosing a stain for your log home, it is where the money is spent, not on initial finishing, but down the road doing restoration and maintenance work. 


Lovitt's Professional Coatings

Please add my email to that list of requests for your How To Do sheet, Terry!  I read your responses to another post on this site and was impressed with your obviously extensive knowledge of all things pertaining to log houses. 

Many thanks.  As several others have said, I am very glad I found this website!  Just what I needed to learn care and maintenance of my newly acquired 22 year old log house in Maine, which my family definitely want kept in good shape for our long term enjoyment.


Hi Terry, I would like a copy of your how to do sheet as well as any recommendations on which stain to use. i have an older log home mixed w/ some new logs that i've replaced. I'm trying to find a way to make them all blend. I've cleaned the logs w/ tsp and clorox also used a borate.. may email is


Doc White

Is the "how to do" sheet on preparing and staining exterior logs still available? I would be interested in information on the stain/finishing insight that you can offer.

Terry, I've read your comments in this thread and would appreciate looking at your information. PM me for contact info,thanks,Mike


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