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I ordered Honey 2000 Woodguard to stain the exterior of my home. I am going to put on first coat after I use Oxalic Acid to clean and open pores in wood. How long should I wait after placing acid to put on first coat of stain?

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Rinse the acid off after letting dwell for 15-20 minutes. Heavy rinsing will do (garden hose pressure) you do not need to pressure wash, since you should have done that before applying the acid, with an alkaline cleaner to begin with.

Where do you get oxalic acid?

Hi Buck,

You can purchased Oxalic Acid from a company called American Building Restorations.
The web site is Phone number is 1-800-346-7532
The product is called X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer.

We also sell this product.
Any questions email me at

Thanks Kelly!!

Hi Buck,

If you would like a sample I would be happy to send one out to you.
Just email me at

Buck,you can get a product called oxcon at 800-548-3554 they will send you a sample.
if you are trying to clean the logs I would first recommend a product called wood renew.
You can also purchase Oxalic Acid from Perma-Chink. It's sold in 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers. It's concentrated, so mix 1 gallon of Oxalic Acid with 4 gallons of water and you will cover approximately 200 square feet per gallon. 800.548.3554
I agree with Beth and would add that a moisture meter (minimal investment, probably less than $50 or so) will help determine when the logs are dry enough for treatment.
Does anyone have any experience with Organiclear products for interior or exterior uses? We are in Wisconsin and the log home was constructed in October and we will be staining the interior in a month or so and Hopefully the exterior in June. Any suggestions on products and preparing the logs for staining would be greatly appreciated.
Hello Robert call 800-548-3554 and they will send you out all the sample you need to test
on your wood and also send you some great information.Thanks Greg
They produce everything from start to finish for your log home.
Hi Robert Parsons,

You should always prepare the wood prior to staining. By powerwashing with a low PSI like 500 to 1500 PSI. You can use 1 gal of bleach to 1/4 of TSP and 3 gallons of water. Pre wet the structure first with water, then apply the bleach,TSP and water from the bottom to the top of the logs. This way it will not streak. Let it sit on the structure for 15 to 20 mins and then rinse from the top down. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse, until there are no suds. Then wait 3 for 4 drying days then apply your finish.

If you do not want to use bleach, then I would recommend a log cleaner that contains Hydrogen Peroxide. Follow the same proceedure.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at and I would be happy to walk you through this!!


Thanks for the information. Would it be best to do one side at a time on a 38' x 28' cabin so it doesn't dry too much before you get back to rinse it off. Also would you recommend using a bug deterent in the exterior stain in Wisconsin.




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