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I am looking to blast my log home with a glass media to remove the paint (YUCK!).  I live in SE Michigan near Flint.


1. Where can I rent a blaster (I am told a regular sand blaster wont work)


2. Where can I get the glass media? Prefer a local source.


3. What glass media specification should I ask for? There is stain under the paint. Paint was applied (by the previous owner) in 2003 and is flaking off.


4. Any recommendations for stain? I would prefer a one-step (even if several coats) process. Non-oil based.





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Hi Jim,
I would call Timeless Wood Care Products in Michigan and get some advice. They can probably tell you where to rent a blaster and I believe that they sell Glass Media. The glass media is usually between 40 and 70 grit. As for stain I would ask Timeless for a sample of Lifeline Ultra 1 finish and then Lifeline Advance Gloss or Satin topcoat. That is a two coat system. You probably won't be able to find a product with good protection and longevity that is one coat, but two coats is better than most systems will offer. These are water base products by Perma-Chink Systems. Timeless Wood Care Products phone number is 1-800-564-2987. Good luck with the project!
- Kevin (Perma-Chink Systems)
Thanks, Kevin.

I called Timeless. They only sell corn cob media and they no longer rent the blaster :>(
Hi Jim,

I'm sorry that our salesperson did not let you know that all of our equipment rentals are handled through Redi-Rental in Muskegon. Their phone # is (231) 722-1089. They purchased a Perma-Chink blaster from us and rent it out as long as you live in the state of MI. Their phone # is (231) 798-8580. Call me at 800-564-2987 Tuesday morning, I may have some places closer to you that rent blasters.
check out our pictures and see what a difference a regular sandblaster with an 185cfm compressor can do .We used cob blasting media and it did work very well for us .They also said we should not use a regular sandblaster but we tried it anyway and it worked just fine ....good luck
Thanks, John. Your cabin looks great! I was told a regular blaster would go through the glass media in 1/10 the time of a "Soda Blaster" (I don't know if that is what I need), so I would be wasting a lot of media. Did the cob go through super fast? Did you reclaim the corn cob and reuse?
We own a professional restoration company and prefer crushed glass to corn cob media.
No matter what you do, when you rent the blast pot you need to make use you have a 185CFM compressor, and a filtered breathing hood. You should NOT blast without respiratory protection - ever.

I would buy media from a company that specializes in media and blasting, not a company that has all sorts of wood care products ( no offense) and you will save significant money.

Soda blasting will kill plants by the way....


We understand the financial situation of people in Michigan and are competive ( usually cheaper ) in media than blasting companies. Not only do we sell products, we offer better than usual prices as well. We are here to help our customers, they have helped us for over twenty years.
Yes we did recycle the cob media and the air pressure and the media flow is all adjustable on the blaster pot.We were quoted that it would take 20-25 bags of cob grit if we recycled and around 40 bags if we did not .That being said we blasted 2300 square feet of log surface with 9 bags with recycling the media and it took 10 hours of blasting time.If we had to do it again we would not think twice about cob blasting after trying it and finding out how fast and easy this process is.If you recycle it will take you more time to finish the process and if you do we used an old house screen to sift the media through to reuse it. If you have a Harbor Freight Tool store near you they have a blaster there that will work for you and get the one with the biggest hole to fill it will save you some aggravation in filling the hopper.If you could post some pictures of your home we could get a feel for what the surface is you are going to restore better.Why did you think about glass over cob media ? Choosing glass media you will have to cover and tape all your windows and any other surfaces because the glass media will etch the window glass where cob media will not and this will save you time in getting the process done.
John, Corn is best eaten off the cob.......cob blasting has taken off simply because P-Chink has gotten into the game of blasting and they sell the media.......YOU have gotten into the game because you really aren't a sandlbasting expert......YOU got into the game to make money as so many others but you really don't understand the process.......corn blasting sounds great but it ruins logs with the is superior to corn but you wouldn'd consider have your mind made up and nothing I say here will change your mind.......Blast Away!!!!!!!!
Tim, Think what you like but I'm just a homeowner not in to the game of making money from blasting but trying to get other homeowners informed so they won't be ripped off by companies giving astronomical prices for this process when putting in some effort they can save themselves alot of money.The logs after we blasted were smoother than they were before we blasted.But you know what they say about opinions....
Tim just a few clarifications,

Perma-Chink sells glass media and has been for the last couple of years. We haven't been selling corn for a few years. We sold Corn because there was a demand for it. We aren't in the game of blasting, whatever that is. We only provide media because there is a demand for it. We always recommend blasting as a last resort.

I agree that glass is superior and thats probably why we were one of the first companies to move from providing corn to providing glass media. It's less expensive, you need less of it and it doesn't clog up machines when there is moisture present. Having to tape carboard over windows and protect your softer wood areas is a small price to pay for the benefits of glass over corn.

- Kevin (Perma-Chink Systems)
John -

I first was told about glass backing just last week by a Permachink rep. Then I saw a video on youtube

Turns out this video was made by Sashco and can also be seen on their website.

Check out the video. I like the look of the logs better after glass blasting.


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