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My husband and I are in the planning stages of building our first log home. We have the land, located in Mt. Juliet, TN, just outside of Nashville. I had initially thought that going with one of the package deals through a log home company was the best way to go, but after doing more research it seems as though that is not necessarily the case. While we do not want to build the home from scratch ourselves, a lot of the finish work (windows, doors, tiling, fixtures, etc.) we would love to do in order to save a little money. Does anyone have any suggestions on a builder in the area that has built log homes before? What about a company for the logs? Tennessee Log Homes in Athens is one of the companies I have looked into.

We are planning on attending the Log Home Living magazine log home show here in Nashville in February so maybe I can get some builders names there?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Katie, I know i'm late on the discussion here, and there are a lot of opinions.  My husband and I have researched companies for just over 2 years now.  We have decided on Northeastern Log Homes.  The engineering that has gone into their design to minimize water and air penetration between the logs is extensive. There are no 'sealant valleys' to trap water if it were to get between the logs.  They also have the most complete package on the market with the option of subtracting items from the package to save money and buy yourself.  The home package includes everything but the shingles or metal roofing and the first floor finish flooring materials.  All the logs are precut and labeled so the contractor does not have to cut the logs and possibly commit costly mistakes.  When we build next spring my husband will take vacation time to oversee the dry-in to insure that the shell is constructed to manufacturer's specs and there are no 'short cuts' taken in the log stacking. 

I recommend a book "What your contractor can't tell you"   It goes into how to make sure your contract is thorough and leave nothing to chance. Its an enlightening quick and dirty read.


good luck!


If you went to the log home show I am sure you got a lot of info from the companies that were there. If you hadn't made a choice of supplier yet you might to look at Twin Creeks log home supply out of gray Tn. If you check my profile you will see that I am a builder here in Tennessee and have used twin Creeks for some of my homes. They have a good log that you can get in any profile that you want and they also have beams, timbers, siding and tongue and groove for the interior. If you still haven't found a builder please contact me I would be happy to talk with you.




Where is Twin Creeks mill and log yard???


They are located in Gray Tennessee here is there web site

hope this helps you.


I know they are in Gray Tennessee.  My question is do they have a log yard and mill themselves?  If not where do they get their logs?



I am not a paid salesman for twin creeks I am a builder. I only offered a suggestion on where to get good logs at a good price. I have used there logs on a few homes and felt they had a good log along with the other materials that I have gotten from them. I don't really think any log is better then the next I just think if it is kiln dried right and the mill is not wore out and you have a consistent mill to it you will have a great home. It would all be up to your builder to put the whole thing together in the right way as not to have the issues in a lot of these forums with air and water leaking through the house. If your builder bid the job so cheap and doesn't have the time to walk around and check for dowels on the butt joints and check to make sure it is caulked and taped right on every course you WILL have a problem. Times are hard right now and everybody is a LOG HOME BUILDER. I cant tell you how many times I have been to a job to stain a home and seen siding not hitting a stud at the butt joint and pulling apart, and guess what they got a leak there. The bottom line is your builder not your log. Everybody on this forum is looking for answers. The best advice I can give is make sure your builder knows what he or she is doing. Ask for names and contact info of past jobs they have done, a good builder has nothing to hide. 

You still haven't answered my question???  Do they have their own mill and log yard, or do they just buy their packages from others and just mark the package up?  I would just want to do business with a manufacturer who has a actual log yard and mill.  I just think their is more quality controll, at least that is what one would think!  Thank you!!!


I will make a call to who I deal with there and give you an answer where they get there logs or if they mill them there. They do not sell a package they only sell logs,timbers etc. If you are going to build you would save by buying you home in pieces rather then a package you will not have the markup that comes with the package.


I made some calls this morning  to Twin Creeks and they do not have there own mill they have a company do there milling.

Thanks Lee.  That is what I thought!


  I so happens my wife and I are building out log home near Lawrenceburg Tn, not too far from you.  After much thought, talking to manufacturers and builders, we decided to go with Daniel Boone Log Homes out of the Nashville area. We found that the top dozen or so manufacturers were so much alike that service seemed to be the deciding factor for us. We are very happy with our choice. We are just breaking ground, but DBLH has proven to be very helpfull, which is important to us as this is our first build as well. Their experience and advice has been invaluable. We too will be doing much of the work ourselves, but the major portion will be subcontracted out. DBLH even helped us find dependable local subs in our area. Since we just began our build, the jury is still out, but so far, they have been all we had hoped for. I would talk to Bud Laney, or Mickey McBride @ DBLH before you make your final decision. And, no, we are not getting paid by them, nor do we have any affiliation with them, just happy purchasers. Good luck!                                                         Bill T.

Hi Katie


My name is Rachelle Talbot and my husband Peter and I have been in the log home business for over ten years. My grandfather owned a logging camp in northern Ontario Canada (-40 below for 3 months of the year) and Peter is a graduate forester, and has been in the wood industry all his life.  We have designed and followed from A - Z, over 80 projects with our customers right here in Tennessee.  I am also a color consultant and gifted at interior design. The success of your log home project depends on many variables, and I applaud you for doing your research.  Very recently the company we represented shut its doors without notice and it sent us in a tailspin since we had several customers on the books with deposits.  My first concern was of course their investment and welfare.  We received several phone calls from many log home companies to offer us a dealership and capture our customer list.  Before making a commitment we did some serious researching. We finally selected one and I am pleased to say that we are delivering our first one on March 24th.  Let me say this, by giving exceptional customer service, and keeping their project under constant supervision anyone of the 80 owners of the homes we were involved in building, will tell you the same thing.  It helps to have someone passionate about your log package and to see your project completed as if it were their own, will be miles ahead of anyone else out there.  Finding a good builder may be a blessing, but you need guidance from beginning to end and a log product that will give you the least resistance for years to come.  I would be honored to answer any questions you may have, to try and fill in the information you might be missing.  All log homes are beautiful, but some have better features and are more hassle-free than others.  One other thing to remember, your budget needs to be met. Do not forsake your foundation, walls,  roof system or windows.  If your budget is tight, it costs a lot less to incorporate a granite counter top after you've saved for it, than to repair a foundation, a log wall or a roof system. I can be reached toll free 877-946-4084. You would also have access to a tremendous log home  contractor right there in Nashville.


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