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My husband and I are in the planning stages of building our first log home. We have the land, located in Mt. Juliet, TN, just outside of Nashville. I had initially thought that going with one of the package deals through a log home company was the best way to go, but after doing more research it seems as though that is not necessarily the case. While we do not want to build the home from scratch ourselves, a lot of the finish work (windows, doors, tiling, fixtures, etc.) we would love to do in order to save a little money. Does anyone have any suggestions on a builder in the area that has built log homes before? What about a company for the logs? Tennessee Log Homes in Athens is one of the companies I have looked into.

We are planning on attending the Log Home Living magazine log home show here in Nashville in February so maybe I can get some builders names there?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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My wife and I are building a log home in Virginia, on Lake Anna. Do you know any log builders in the area? We have selected a manufacturer. Also, I want to make sure my foundation is solidly built and waterproof. Any hints or suggestions to ensure a good foundation and realistic waterproofing.

Dr. J 


Dr. J,

We went with Superior Walls and I am very happy with them. Check them out on the website and/or give them a call and have the rep meet you on your building site. I think you will be glad you did, you have nothing to lose.



I checked your phone number out, and it showed your name as a Heritage dealer.  I thought they went out of business??? I am puzzled!

I just caught this note from you.  Yes, we were the Heritage Log Home Dealer in Spencer, TN. Heritage Log homes of Kodak, TN went out of business, and we were approached by 35 other log home companies to represent them.  We chose to join Timberblock because once we investigated all the others, we found Timberblock to be the one that would meet our customer's needs the best. The new building code requirement for an R20 insualtion factor requirement was a big issue. The Log Home Council sent a report that many log home companies could not meet that requirement. Coming out of a supplier closure, we were leary to offer a product that would leave our customers with a home that might not meet code should they wish to sell it at a later date. The other factor for our decission was the willingness for Timberblock to address the monetary issues of the contracts we already had in place at the time of the Heritage closure and were willing to work with our customers. That was the kicker for us. I hope that clarifies things for you

Have a great day.



Hi Katie.

We are Peter and Rachelle Talbot, located in Spencer, TN.  I was raised in a logging camp, and Peter is a graduate forester.  We have designed, supervised, and completed over 90 projects located in Tennessee. We are completing another one in W.V. and are siting another one in Michigan at the end of August.  We are with you from begnning to the end of your project, whether you want to get involved in finishing it yourself, we are still there to assist you in case you have any questions or need guidance.  We have trained independant contractors that have done a fabulous job for many of our customers.  We have as many references as you need.  We are available to discuss and share what we have experienced over the many years in this industry, and would love the opportunity of meeting you personally to discuss your specific needs.  We are exhibiting in Nashville and we are also hosting a free seminar on Thursday evening.  If you wish to reserve a seat please e-mail me at However, if you cannot make it on Thursday, please come by the Timberblock booth and introduce yourself, and we will set aside some time to discuss your needs.  Have a great week.


Rachelle and Peter Talbot 

Hi Katie,

My wife and I have just started building ours in western Maine. Myself along with some close friends are doing the whole building thing our self.
Sorry cant help you with builders down there, but I will give you some info we found out when looking at kits for ours. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! and what I mean is get a complete break down of what is included in the "Kit". If you do the building yourself, ask the manufacture for a "complete" list right down to how many tubes of glue, how many log screws, joist hangers, ect. The reason I say this was we had to come down to 2 manufactures, with out naming the one of the company there "complete kit" after comparing it with who went with was missing roughly $10,000 in needed materials, which I would have to get locally. We ended up going with Maine Pine log homes, a subsidiary of Hammond Lumber Comp. here in Maine. They where able to take the design we liked from the other company, did the redesign of a small few thing and came in under the price of the company's kit by roughly $6000.
Hope this helps.


here is a picture of where I'm at with mine. This is after 2 1/2 days of laying logs!


   Just thought I would touch bases with you since our discussion some time back. Did you decide on a Log Home Manufacturer? We will be moving up to Tenn. in January to complete ours.


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