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I have not made a solid decision whether to do butt and pass od saddle notch for the 8 sided log cabin I want to build yet. Just looked kind of nice in butt and pass,but a friend of mine who is also building a dowel model of it is doing his in the saddle notch corners. So,is the saddle notch corners a stronger and better way to go even tho my logs will be D cut??

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How do I get to your blog?
It's difficult to get a good picture of an octagon, but here is the one we did in 2009 and set up in December. It is saddle notch corners and they are much stronger than a butt and pass.

Bob Warren
Khita Log Builders Ltd.

I just looooooooove it ! Just looking sat this pic made me feel like it was my octagon log cabin going up !!!!!!! May I ask how wide this is from wall to wall? Shor looks like exactly what I am thinking of building! Thanks for sharing this pic!!
The walls in that building are 20 feet long, centre to centre. Makes it about 48 feet across and around 2000 square feet.

Bob Warren
Khita Log Builders Ltd.
Thanks for the reply Bob and actually I can see your corners look very strong with the saddle notch method of building. Is that sturcture you build above all to help raise the logs to the center pole and may I ask how you attached those to the center pole at the top? You are giving me much more faith in building mine myself with all your answers and I shor greatly appreciate it and all the help I can get ! Thank you !!!!!!
another question I need to ask-----------are you or have you built on dormers on this roof? Plus did you make those log rafter holders? Couldn't think of the right name for them! LOL !

I was back at the site where this house is located the other day. Problems with the first framing crew but the second ones are doing good work. Took 2 guys a month to frame the roof. The steel brackets at the top of the centre pole where the ridges and log rafters attach was done by a local steel fabricating shop. Somewhat over $1000 for that. It is complex.

The first time I built this design there were 8 hips and dormers were added. You can see some pictures on the first page of my web site. This time no dormers but the 4 ridges give 4 gable ends.

A crane was used for all the building at my yard and for re-assembly. Took a little longer than expected, as the house is high off the ground and the crane operator could not see us after the first few hours. Relaying hand signals slows it down.

Here are a couple of pictures of what it looked like as of Friday afternoon.

I know that you want to build something like this yourself, but I hope this and the pictures can convey some idea of the scope and difficulty. Really not a project for an amateur.

Bob Warren
Khita Log Builders Ltd.
Oh boy I am very thankful I am not building a complex roof as you are! Mine will be a normal octagon roof-----------lol ! Am trying to figure out the amount of metal sheet roofing that I will need at a easy to handle 3x10 foot lengths tho. Outer walls will be about 9 foot high,wall lengths will be at least 10 foot. This is a 32 foot from flat wall to flat wall cabin,so 16 foot is center. Could you help me figure out how many of these metal sheets I will need? Oh yes,overhangs will be 2 foot. I would shor appreciate all the help I can get---------please. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
almost forgot ! I have decided to go butt and pass with my logs.
Well hello

I thing to think of when considering butt and pass, If you ever need to adjust the atenna on the roof makes it easy, but also the kids the crooks and all can climb them, and i have seen it all.

Have a great day
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