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Hello Everyone,

There have been so many discussions on what is the best stain out there. Is it worth spending the extra money for the "high priced, they think their stuff is gold" finishes?

Well, just yesterday, our Redmond, WA office (Kathy Murdock to be specific) received some photos from our customer in Mexico - They provide the windows and doors for the Loreto Bay Resort. For a little history; the powers that be at Loreto Bay flew Kathy down there to show her the problems they were having. It seems they had tried just about everything on the market to protect the windows and doors, however, due to the scorching temperatures, high UV exposure, unrelenting ocean breezes, and salt air, nothing was lasting more than 3 to 6 months. Kathy spent several days with them; training them on proper preperation and application techniques to get the most out of our products.

The photo's I'm presenting are evidence of what a good quality finish system can do. These doors and windows have 2 coats of Perma Chink Systems Lifeline Ultra 2 followed by 1 coat of Lifeline Advance Top Coat. The finish was applied 2 years ago. I'm also attaching a window that had a different (unknown) product on it, that was installed at the same time, in order for you to get a good comparison. I don't think anyone will have any trouble determining which one does not have Perma Chink Products on it.

For an afternote - Because of the wonderful results they've attained, using the Ultra 2 with Advance has become Spec on all windows and doors manufactured by West Coat Millworks.

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The windows and doors were manufactured by West Coat Millworks in Mexico. You can check out their website and see more photos here:
I am so happy she sent these pictures in. They are absolutely gorgeous!
When do I get a company paid trip to Mexico? I think there are a couple of cabins there that need chinking advice.
Dave, I'm sure you'll get one the same time I do.
Merry Anne,
You being a loyal employee of Permachink, should be appalled at how your company has treated me. Other readers of this forum beware of PERMACHINK!!!
I coated my log home with Permachink products exactly as the directions stated and it looked great for about 3 years. When it needed to be re-coated, nothing would adhere to the clear semi-gloss finish. I called the company and was told by technical support that there was a problem with the formulation of the clear coat when I bought it. Too much wax was the problem as it was reported to me. Ultimately I had to have my whole, 3000+ sq ft, white pine log house stripped to bare wood and sanded at considerable expense (over $10,000) to get any new product to adhere. I wrote to Permachink twice (one letter to the main office customer support and one going to the president). They never replied to either of my letters. I sent the letters in the spring of 2010. If anyone asks me about log finishes, I never recommend your company. I was treated terribly and not to even reply to my letters is an insult to all of your customers. If I ever get some satisfaction from Permachink, I will gladly retract or remove this forum post.
Martin what about the $2860 we sent you and the 6 pails of s100 in June of 09 to remove the finish that was applied 2001.
Hello Greg,
I never got the $2860 you refer to. If I had received that (which is what I requested in my letters), this would have been resolved long ago. I suggest you check your records on that check. As far as the 6 pails of S100, that was a waste. I tried it and I tried RENEW with my power washer. The RENEW did soften the finish enough that with a strong power washing it took it off. The S100 did nothing to soften the old finish. Given that my house is pine logs, the power washing did a number on the wood and the entire house had to be sanded. If you recall in my letters, there were some other requests that I never heard any response on.
Issue finally resolved with Permachink
Thanks to Greg Sweets in Permachink customer support, the issues which were the subject of my previous post have been completely resolved. Following the removal of all the original Permachink products and sanding of my log home, I did use Permachink products again on the house. I was assured by Permachink that the wax problem, I had encountered, was completely resolved in new formulations of the clear coating now called Advance. Therefore, I used two coats of Ultra 2 followed by two coats of Satin Advance. It has now been one year since the house exterior was completed and I am happy to report is looks terrific. Water beads up on the surface which is great. If I want to use more Ultra 2 or Advance on the surface, they adhere without any beading. At this point I am very pleased with the result and will continue to use Permachink products as long as they continue to meet my expectations.


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