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Is it necessary to caulk exterior upward-facing checks in cedar logs?  What type/brand of caulk should we use?  I had heard cedar, because of its natural tannins, did not require caulking - just make sure to get a lot of stain in the checks - is that correct?  Thanks for your help

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Carol -

Upward facing checks in any wood - cedar, oak, redwood, pine, whatever - should be caulked if they are 1/4" wide or larger. Anything smaller can be soaked with stain and will be good to go. Although cedar is naturally more rot resistant than other types of wood, it is not rot proof. If too much moisture gets into the wood, it could lead to rot. So - caulk those larger checks, leave the other ones be until they open up more (if they do).

Hope that helps!

-- Charis w/ Sashco -- --
You also need to keep an eye on those checks over time to see if they become larger. What may not need attention one year, very well may a few years down the road.

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Thanks, Charis and Beth. We'll get right on those checks.


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