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I'm finishing up washing my logs, and I'll hopefully stain this week.  

I'm getting worried, though.  I need to chink, and the nightly temperatures are getting cold.  When is it just too late for the year?  How cold can it realistically be?  

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Melody - 

With any of the water-based chinking products, or even plain ol' portland cement-type of chinking, it needs to stay above freezing, including overnight, for at least 3-5 days after chinking is complete. All of these products will get frozen and won't cure properly if they go below freezing (which could lead to big messes, not to mention having to re-do the work). If you can't stay above freezing, you can consider tenting with tarps and heating with propane heaters. That can be costly, but will help you avoid any damage.

At this point in the game, I'd suggest you employ the time-tested method of bribery. Get a group of friends and family together to help. Most of the time, they're happy to help if you feed them. :-) 

Chinking will actually be what takes the bulk of the time. It's not particularly difficult, but it is time consuming, so the more hands, the better. 

As an aside, YOU CAN DO THIS! Lots of work and elbow grease and long days. You can skip your exercise classes because this will be enough of a workout. But, might I also suggest that you celebrate when you're done. Oh - and be sure you keep up on that routine maintenance so you can avoid this for several years. :-)

Best of luck!

--- Charis w/ Sashco - -


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