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We have been building our log home for 2 yrs. The logs do not have the first coat of stain on them. Long Story. Some of the logs have blackish discoloration on them. We are far over budget and at the bottom of the barrel with finances, so professional cleaning & staining is out of the question, we must do this application ourselves. We are very handy and it is not out of reach for us to complete this, we just need guidance on how to do it correctly. We would appreciate any and all suggestions.
Thanks , Sharon

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Hi Sharon,

I would be happy to walk you through this process! Preperation is the key for the stains to adhere.

You can rent or or buy a power washer that is between 500-1500 psi with a fan nozzle.
Pre wet the logs first with water.
Then you can us a percarbonated cleaner for instance we carry one that is called CPR Log Cleaner and Brightner. That you apply from the bottom to the top of the struction. Leave the solution on for 15-30 mins. than rinse with the power-washer from the top down. Make sure you rinse,rinse, rinse.

Than you may want to borate the home. This is up to you. A borate is to help protect againts insects, decay, and log rot.

After borated if you decide to do that you would wait a few days of drying weather and then apply you stain.

Again I can send you out a power-washing procedure step by step instructions and 3 lb of great information. Believe me we will give you enough to read!!!

Any questions feel free to email me at and I would be happy to walk you through this process.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Many Thanks
Good Morning Sharon,

Again if you need further assistant through this process feel free to email me at
I would also like to send you out a very helpful information packet!

I would very much appreciate getting a copy of your information packet. I'm trying to strip a log home which is only 5 years old. It has an oil based stain by California Paints on it, and it is coming off pretty hard using Sodium Hydroxide. Any advice would be appreciated. My email address is
Stripping can be a challenge. If you are not getting the results you desire stripping it yourself, you might want to hire a pro to strip and prep the wood, and choose an easy to apply finish that won't lap or run as your top coat.

See Dirt Run! Inc.
Good Morning Tom

I will drop you a email so that I can send you out some great information about how to take care of your log home.


I just sent you my address and again many thanks
Hi Sharon,

If you sent your email to me I didn't get. You might want to try again.


Hi Sharon,

I have a 3 lb packet of information going out to you today! We will give you more than enough to read!!!
Any questions feel free to email us at

Have a great day!!


Sharon -

Shoot me your email address. I will send to you a booklet called "Keeping the Dream Alive". It goes thru the steps of finishing a log home from beginning to end. While I am with Sashco, a manufacturer of log home products, this booklet is not a commercial for our products - it is simply educational in nature. It should help you answer all the questions you might have about finishing your log home.f

Thanks! And whatever I or Kelly can do to answer your questions - we're here to help - just let us know!

-- Charis Babcock -
Great! Appreciate your help.

Thanks so much
Sharon,there is a product called wood renew that will take all the black off your logs and bring them
back to the orginal color they were,you can do this yourself.If you email me at
with your address I will send you out a sample.Look under Events we have seminar for homeowners
to help them learn how to take care of there log home and teach them how to apply our finishes and
clean there house.Thanks and have a great day.Greg


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