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I'm wanting to get some feedback on what most people are using to clean the inside of their log walls? and preserve them? I was told to clean with Murphy's oil and treat with Linseed oil. Good? Bad? any other suggestions?

I will mention that we have round logs that are hand peeled.

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Yep - that can happen if the Murphy oil soap isn't rinsed off. But if it's rinsed (a good sponge bath will do - no need to take a hose to it) the discoloration shouldn't happen. Their newest product w/ orange oil is good for avoiding the discoloration. Even then, Kodi & Lawton, always test a small area to make sure nothing abnormal happens. If you're not sure of the history of the home & the products applied, testing is always a must to make sure nothing funky results.

-- Charis
After cleaning/wiping/sanding various areas of the new logs that needed attention, my wife and I sprayed on 2 coats of oil based satin polyurethan. Required repirators and scafolding to reach the ceiling and was finished in 3 days.

Lawton and Kodi,

If you check back in the files here there are tons of discussions on this. CharisB is a very good source of information on finish products. I think I'm correct in warning you that you must use what is called "boiled linseed oil" or you will have a gummy mess. There might also be a lingering odor from linseed oil but I'm not positive on this.

 I personally would look at water based polyureathane as it dries very fast with minimum odor and stays essentially clear. Oil based, as Steve mentioned, is excellant but it tends to "orange" with age and goes on with a tint. This is all a matter of taste.  You also need to decide on satan versus gloss finish. I prefer the look of satan but gloss reflects light better.




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