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I'm refinishing a log home and every vendor is telling me something different about the best way to remove the stain from my house. I'm probably not inclined to go the pressure washing route even though it would be cheapest, but really at a loss as to the respective benefits of cob blasting vs. hand sanding (versus perhaps also blasting using some other media). Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.

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We refinish log homes in Ontario, Canada.  We have experience and machines to do all types of blasting - hot and cold pressure washing, steam, corn cob, walnut shell, glass, baking soda, and dry ice.  The methods we use most often based on cost, clean up, efficiency, and results are:  1)dry ice  2)crushed glass 3)baking soda.

Do you happen to have any pictures of before and after results with dry ice?  I'd really like to see how it turns out....

I don't have any good photos right now.  I just showed my partner this e-mail, and he reminded me baking soda is our second choice.  The results with dry ice show the least pitting of any medial we have used.  The next best profile is the fine baking soda (Armex Maintenance).  We also use a wet blaster using Staurolite (a crushed mineral similar to garnet, 90 - 140 grit?)  You are welcome to e-mail Jim directly as he is the one with the most knowledge (I am the reader and researcher).  We are interested in learning more about what others are doing to increase profits while doing a great job.

I explored dry ice blasting once.  It seemed to take a ton of material.  To blast a log home it would have been a semi load of dry ice.  We usually use walnut shell.  I always figure Moh's hardness scale when trying to determine which media will be most effective.  Pitting is OK, we always sand afterwords and never go from blasting right to staining.


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