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What advice could anyone give re: becoming a builder of log homes.
I know the economy is way down at the present. I have been building custom homes for the last 20 yrs. or so --- recently laid off due to no work.
Is the log home business suffering as well ?
Where could I go to seek job opportunities in the log home industry ?
I am in the Charlotte, NC area, am willing to relocate, love the outdoors and mtns. and my first love is log and timber-frame construction.

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The economy makes you need to be a jack of all trades and talents. Also, having all your eggs in one basket is never safe. Be a builder when you can, but always try to have money coming in from as many other places at once as possible. Builders become authors, inventors, product developers, marketers, etc. in order to supplement their income which fluctuates.

If you're serious about being prepared for a log building position, you should attend Robert W. Chambers' class. I am a former student and I hosted the Pinetop School of Log Building taught by him. I'd suggest of course to first, read the book, then take the class. There is information at with dates listed on the right for two classes. The log home construction manual is available there as well, which is the manual for the class.

I just got a home request yesterday! So do what you like and do some stuff you don't necessarily.

Eric Currently undergoing a major update
Michael, There are several reputable Schools of Log Building and a course is a good idea as a starting point.
This industry like all others in building is suffering and a lot of my friends (fellow builders) won't be in business much longer......It is inevitable with the tight credit. To survive one must be creative and consider ALL options to survive......Thankfully, we have very little overhead and will be here tomorrow and the next day....I don't envy anyone that increased their overhead during the good times and now has to service that debt.


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