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Did you ever wonder why most of the homes featured in the log magazines rarely show functional window treatments?  Truth is photographers want and need to capture as much openness, natural lighting and scenery as possible to compliment their photography.  Unfortunately this practice does not provide the log home consumer with much insight in evaluating window treatment ideas.  The end result, those of us who live in log homes have had to deal with this on our own usually ending up torn between function and appearance.


Well I would like to share our solution to the function vs appearance dilemma.  We live in Colorado so window coverings serve a dual purpose; privacy and insulation.  We opted to install dual cell honey cone drop shades that collect very tightly when raised; seven vertical feet of coverage can be drawn to within a couple inches.  We then built our own cornice boards to hide the drawn shades and hardware without sacrificing our lighting, openness and views.  We covered the cornice boards with rawhide, matching bedding fabric and other materials to compliment the area decor. 


We have a few photos on our Log Home Neighborhood Site illustrating the treatments.  Unfortunately we had to leave the shades down in most instances in order to take the photos, too much light.  Our biggest challenge was determining the proper board height in relation to the size of the window.  Proportion is important in order to preserve and enhance you window openings and overall rooms appearance.  We used one by six, ten and twelve inch pine material with great success.  If you would like additional information, just email me.  I will be happy to share my "learning curve" experience.


Good luck....Ron               

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this was very useful to me, many thanks!!

We are in disagreement about this very same topic, I want blinds and he does not. We were looking in the log home living magazine and he said that most all the homes have no curtains or blinds and so he thought that we should not need them either. I bought blinds and want him to put them up. I will for sure read this to him!!

Thanks again


Do you have any photos of your window treatments? I would love to see them. Thanks

Here is a photo of our dining room cow hide cornice board that matches the dining room chair inserts.  We used matching material from our bed spreads to cover the cornice boards in the bedrooms.  I have more photos if you would like.


Best Wishes....Ron

Love the cow hide!!  Let's see the bedroom!

Here are a few interior photos illustrating the cornice boards that hide the pull down honey cone shades.


Hi Bristol, i have window treatment images. I have shared on my profile. Please check it out.


I did not want curtains on our windows. we live in the country and are over 400 ft off the road.  we picked pella windows w/ the in window blinds.  then i don't have to dust (who am i kidding, i don't dust) the blinds.

we have lived in our home for 3 and a half years and still don't have curtains up.

i think it's a personal preference to have window treatments or not. sure they are cute and decorative but it's not something that i have spent any money on.



We only have insulated fabric roman shades in the 2 bedrooms for privacy.  They are very plain.



this is my window treatments, blinds in all my rooms



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