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Charlie and I enstated the electrical to his Dad,,,not licensed, but knows what he's doing..he thought, until this project!  anyone on here feel like sharing about how to run the electrical??or a website? i have an email in to coventry, hope they reply,,just some advise is allwe need!

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Electrical needs to be all diagrammed out before you lay your first logs. Lots easier to drill the access holes as you go, rather than try to drill through a stack. We laid out every outlet and and every switch and every wire right on our plans so that they could be factored in. Use window and door access points to your advantage.
Try this website for some ideas:
I'm sure all the builders on this log home site can give you more specifics.
Good luck.
Victoria, We do all of the electrical layout and cut all boxes into the logwork prior to shipping.....we pre-drill the access holes to the boxes.......why pay an electrician with a dull chisel 35./hour or more?? I guess your Dad is cheaper........LOL.......
You need to drill before the 3d course is installed. Just drill into the basement for your outlets. Can't be more than 12 feet apart for lamps and such,every 4 foot for kitchen counter top, and kitchen needs to be 42 inches up to clear counter top, after first 2 courses are drilled lay out the center of hole on the bottom of the next log and drill upsidedown that way the seam will meet and the chase will work. Also consider the cable box for that flat screen TV and Football season. Are you ready for some football.......?
I use a 1 inch drill bit.
switches along doors should be drilled to top or at least to lite height ,6 foot.
If you are to far along to drill 2nd course you are very limited ....... outlets below windows,rout along doors and drill over for switches, or the expensive floor outlet. remote control switches(batery opperated)
Don't foget outside outlets also 1 per deck.
Bob, I would suggest that you buy some new bits......we always drill 1 1/2" to accomodate 3 and 4 way switches.
never had a problem with the 1 inch bits.
yes you have. 1" is too small to run several wires. hope none of your work burns due to crowded wires and over heating. We always use 1 1/2 for when there will be multiple wires and often will drill a 2nd 1 1/2 chase when there are several switches located at one box.

Bob Warren
Khita Log Builders Ltd.
All My jobs were wired by pro's and passed inspection.
Yeah, and that oil well in the Gulf was drilled by pros and passed all inspections too. A one inch hole is too small for multiple wires. Do your homework and you'll find that to be so.

Bob Warren
Khita Log Builders Ltd.
The wires will get hot? How is it differant with the main line entering the home? There is 220 V wraped around each other exposed to the weather sent down a pipe to the main circut board with no circut braker?
Bob Mack, From time to time, we can all learn from each other IF the other person even thinks before they type. Why the insistence on making the electricians job difficult by drilling 1" holes? It takes the same amount of time to drill a 1 1/2" hole......Do you also use shallow boxes to really make it difficult for the electrician too?? How about simply agreeing that life is easier with 1 1/2" holes???? YES, you are creating a fire hazard and would suggest you call an electrician.
It seams a confusing topic.
Tim i have meet with 20 plus electrictions on the job and went through the plan with them all.
Never been told it won't work.
all over the country.
more is better (more log)
What are the odds that they were wrong?
I didn't see the actual amount of wire they placed in the hole.
Bob the comparison you posted is a little off topic. I belive the well was drilled propely but the safty standards afterward were ignored.

pretty simple Mr. Mack, bundle wires in a hole and they will heat up under load. So the obvious fix is to drill a large hole, or several holes to help dissipate the potential heat build up.

What shocks me (no pun intended) is your stubborn refusal to consider that there are better and safer ways when told over and over again by true professional and expert log builders.

But that is your problem, not mine.


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