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Charlie and I enstated the electrical to his Dad,,,not licensed, but knows what he's doing..he thought, until this project!  anyone on here feel like sharing about how to run the electrical??or a website? i have an email in to coventry, hope they reply,,just some advise is allwe need!

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Bob Mack, You are stubborn and not worthy of further communication on this subject. I am done with you and trust that you will take some advice from "expert" builders before you turn one of your clients into a "crispy critter".
Nice report ,however they failed to vent the roof on top!
The attic is ventilated at
1/150th of the attic area using circular eave vents in the small overhang in each joist space.
So I made the fire hazzard?
I did not pull the wires.
I did not do the inspection.
I simply left it to the profesionals after cosulating with them as to what they need.
You as well as I don't know how many wires were installed into the holes I left them.
As I stated at the begining of your attempt to slander me "all My jobs were wired by pros"
does this always happen when people ask questions??? WOW!!!
No...not always. :o)

All of our wiring was diagrammed in the original plans also. So the outlets and switches were all drilled in the logs prior to them even arriving on the job. With every course they set, they used a broom stick handle and ran it through each spot just to make certain all logs were drilled properly. They came across a few that had been missed, but they caught it right away and were able to just do a single log here and there when needed. Of course, I had some 'afterthoughts' that had to be done after the logs were set. The loft was also a challenge...but we managed here and there to run a few additional wires and cover with decorative conduit and no one is really the wiser.

Good luck!
In fact, I have taken the time to learn a bit about the electrical wiring in a house. Perhaps you should also. After looking at the electrical plan I have a very good idea of how many wires will be in the chases I drill and so I size them appropriately. Perhaps you should also.

And just by the way; it is libel when it is written not slander, but I'm picky about getting things right. Perhaps you should also.

Bob Warren
Khita Log Builders Ltd.
I believe you , But you haven’t read what I entered here.
So for the third time I will say …… After consulting with the licensed electrical contractor on the job (every job) I drill what is necessary.
As per there request.

So This has been bothering me again. I'm working on a typical stick frame and we used spray foam insulation,and sprayed around the wires. I believe any and all stick frames with spray foam insulation are done the same way.

Any opinions about heat build up are out the window here.

your experience can explain this away? 

Or prove me wrong?


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