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Where do you guys buy your Emseal?  That is, what web site has the best prices?

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James: You can find it for $0.45 linear foot at Cheers - Donald

If you use emseal with the logs that you have described, it will seal it but create gaps everywhere. Emseal, or any other hidden gasket needs to be matched to the log to log profile. "swedish cope" that is machine cut does not allow for any hidden sealants. You have a chinker. Save your money and look at permachink, sashco and others. You bought a chinker. Like it or not that is what you will be doing. Save your money, don't use a gasket...chink it.

Bob Warren
Khita Log Builders Ltd.
Not a wise choice. Use the Emseal. You may not need to chink. Really need to see a profile of the log you are building with to answer this question accurately. Some swedish cope logs are cut to allow for a sealent tape. Emseal is the best.

Michael Collins
Bad "advice", if one can call it that. Back up your claim Michael if you are going to dispute what I say. You offer no background on the profile or a hint of information that suggests you know anything about what effect emseal will have on this profile. James can search until he finds someone who tells him what he wants to hear and then pay the price or he can listen to how it really is.

I lose jobs all the time with a no b.s. attitude.

Its a chinker.

Bob Warren
khita log builders ltd.
Bob, it is obvious that you feel chinking is by far the best method. Chinking is wonderful from an anesthetic point of view, but it can't be your only line of defense to maintain the integrity of the home. Please re-read what I wrote on this subject, and you will see that I wouldn't really suggest ANYTHING until I knew ALL the particulars. Too many of people offer "advice" with out all the knowledge to answer the question! I've been watching this site for about a year before I finally decided to respond. I have years of experience that stands the test of time. It isn't beneficial to get into a battle of the minds, but your claims regarding emseal are unfounded. Feel free to contact me to discuss. This offer stands for anyone reading my postings. My email address is
If you contact me at my e-mail I can get you a direct line to Emseal.

Michael Collins
Thank you everyone, good advice.

Bob, I have heard others tell me the same thing regarding gasket vs. chinking.

What I have found throughout this project is that there are a lot of different methods for each step of the log home process. Sometimes I get overloaded with options. At some point you just have to make a call and live with it I guess.

Thanks again, Bob and Michael.

Emseal is avalable in a variety of sizes and configurations. Feel free to call me at 800-564-2987 and I would be happy to discuss your project. We keep a good inventory of it and could ship today if you need.



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