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Anyone know of a lending institution that has experience in financing for log homes.  My wife and I are ready to pull the trigger, but was recently turned down for a loan not because we weren't approved but my builder was not approved.  I've never heard of such a thing.  We actually submitted a second builder to the loan company and again was turned down because "he hadn't done any construction in the area."  I had heard that obtaining financing for a log home was dificult but I had no idea I was going to have to go through this.

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Thanks, Edward! I'll check with Financial Concepts. That could be very helpful!

As someone else wrote, Farm Credit Services is the best bet.  We are in Tennessee so we used Farm Credit of Mid-America.  Since you are building in Missouri you should use the FCS associated with MO.  Here is their website address:

FCS will provide credit to those who are planning to build in a rural areas.  They understand log home construction and you will only have one closing.  We are using FCS and have had no problems with them.  Inspections are done within a day of request and the draws are in the bank by the next day.

Good Luck with your project.


Wow!  Thanks Carol.  I'll certainly check them out.

I will check this out, too, Carol. This sounds promising!


I just replied to Dave Schmitt trying to answer his question about a loan dollar limit.  Readmy reply if you want, but I was just never told of any limit.


Thank you, Carol. Thanks to you, I have found that there's a FCS office in the Tulsa suburb where I live now. The land we own where we will build our log home is in a rural area on the opposite side of Tulsa, so it's all in the area. I will definitely contact FCS this week.
I just talked to Farm Credit Services and was told that a minimum of 40 acres is required to qualify for a loan there. That won't work for us.

That is surprising to me because they loaned us money to purchase a 3.6 acre piece of property.  I think they gave you wrong info.  Here is a copied couple of paragraphs from their website: "If building your perfect home has always been a dream, then let 1st Farm Credit Services make your dreams come true!  Whether you want to build on 1 acre or 40 acres, the construction loan program at 1st Farm Credit Services will make your dream a reality.

Many people think 1st Farm Credit Services only lends money to farmers.  That's not the case … we offer a variety of financing options; in fact, more than any other local lender.  1st Farm Credit Services will help you from start to finish building your dream home, from construction loans to end loans with the convenience of one closing." 

They must be confusing farming loans with building loans.  I have had many friends who have gotten loans from FCS and none had 40 acres!


How bizarre! I talked directly to a loan officer in the Broken Arrow, Okla., office, and he flat out told me that they don't make construction loans for homes on less than 40 acres because they serve only farm and ranch-type purposes. From their website and what you'd said, it looked great!


I just don't  understand that at all.  Farm Credit Services is all over the US and is managed by the Farm Credit Administration in Washington, DC.  It is a government agency.

They have certain rules and regs.  maybe not all locations or states have to follow the rules exactly.  You can read those rules by downloading their pdf at

Good luck--Carol

Carol, thank you so much! You're really being a great help!

Hi Carol,

I just heard back from a friend of mine regarding FCS.  He said awhile back, and I'm thinking he meant years back, FCS had a dollar amount limit.  Do you know it that is still true today?




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