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Getting your cabin or home ready for the winter can make the darker, colder season much more enjoyable. I've put together a little list of some of the things that you can do to help make the winter months easier.

1: Check your Gutters and downspouts, clean out the leaves and debris. Make sure things are draining properly. Repair any gutter issues. Check for leaks around chimney flashing and around the vents for the heating or sewer system. If you find any holes or access spots while inspecting the roof seal them up to keep the critters out during the winter.


2: Trim back tree limbs or plants that may be too close to your roof, walls, or foundation.


3: Check your window and door trim, is everything sealed and ready for winter?


4: Check your foundation, any cracks or leaks to take care of before it get's wet and cold? Secure any open crawlspace entrances.


5: Check your exterior sealants, repair any chinking or other sealant that may have an issue. This will help keep out the cold air. Fill any upward facing checks that are large enough to collect water during the winter.


6: Clean your exterior walls. Getting rid of any dust, dirt, pollen, pollution now before the freezing weather may save you some upkeep in the spring. Repair, replace, or otherwise maintain any finish or topcoat that has faded, peeled, or lost it's ability to repel water.


7: Make sure that your firewood supply is covered and at least two feet away from the side of your home, and off of the ground. If your firewood is on your deck or porch you will want to move it somewhere else. Some insect infestations can start in your wood pile and end up in your walls.


8: If you are leaving your cabin or home for the winter then now is the time to drain and put hoses away. You may want to install insulated covers on any and exterior water spouts. You may want to cap or screen your chimney to keep out critters. Have your chimney cleaned first. If your home has basement windows you may want to protect them by covering them in plastic. Switch out your window and door screens with their glass replacements. If you have a safe heat source and are leaving for an extended period you may want to leave the home at least partially heated.


9: Please reply to this list with any additional advice for prepping our Log Homes and Cabins for winter. Thanks in advance for the help!


Kevin, PCS Redmond



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