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Hi neighbors! I'm also a new log on the stack. We plan to build early next year in central NY. I have been following all the great advice that I have read on this site and am doing my research....research....research. I am left with a couple questions at the moment:
1) Has anyone had any experience with steel roofs vs. shingles? I know steel is more expensive, less maintenance, better in snow country, and that shingles can be an algae risk especially in the woods.
2) Does anyone have any pro's and con's regarding radiant flooring heating systems?
Thanks for your insights!
Regards, Norb

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Norb, I have used steel and shingles and think it depends on your roof design more than anything. Snow/ice sliding off a 2nd story and onto a roof below can cause a lot of damage. Snow/ice sliding from a main roof out onto a porch can also be a issue and snow will still collect in valleys or at dormer intersections. Its also dangerous over doorways so I recommend snow jacks in these areas. I have done most my building in the snow belt of Central New York and Im not sure there is a roof you wont have to clear snow off at some point. Shingles are fine when installed correctly and I strongly recommend Ice/Water sheild.
I have done all types of heating systems and if I was to build my own again I would use in-floor hot water with a domestic hot water sidetank. I have also done combinations of in-floor and baseboard hot water when the customer has wanted to use the loft T&G as flooring. I have used Radientec on two houses and found the single hot water tank (where the same hot water heater is the domestic and heat) to be a problem on really cold days. I would go with a closed loop single tank for heat and a seperate tank for domestic hot water. Or do as I did for my son and install a boiler w/sidetank.
Thanks for your good advice, and your voice of experience.
Regards, Norb
bill have you worked with thermal storage at all ?
Thermal storage? I guess Im not familiar with this, can you define?
Hi Norb,
Although metal is higher you usually get a 20 to 30% discount on your homeowners insurance for having a metal roof. Each state is different. If you are going with a metal roof you can put ice breaks before the skylights. Also depending on whether you are going with a wood deck or slats...if using a wooden deck I would use a product call iceguard (and there are newer products out there) on the complete deck. It is a 3M product that rolls out and sticks to the top surface of the deck. Each time the sun comes out it continually seals around the screw, so that eliminates the movement issue. They also have a new decking out that has a 50 year warranty. Also if using a wood deck or slats, I would have the underneath spray foamed (closed cell) and sealed. One it gives you hurricane strength to the roof, two it seals the roof and three, it insulates.
Thanks for your advice, Dan. I'll definitely look into it!
Regards, Norb


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