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I am thinking 1 foot of foundation above grade plus 1 foot of BCI Joists/sub floor on top of the foundation.  This would leave 2 feet from the bottom of the sill logs to the grade.  Does that sound about right to you guys?

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James, a two feet step up to the house is a little high, but acceptable. The minimum distance between grade and consumable wood (not pressure treated) is 12". With your 2 feet, the sill log won't be a problem. Not sure how you are covering up the subfloor band (stone veneer?).

We sometimes use "top bearing trusses" to keep the step up to main floor at 17.25". 12" concrete + 1.5" PT sill + 3" trusses + 3/4" sheathing. In some arid climates (colorado, etc.) where termites aren't an issue, the measurement from grade to top of wall can be as little as 8" for a 13.25" step up.

French drains and guttering to minimize "splashing" is a key no matter the dimension. Especially on prevailing weather side and where you have decks next to the sill log. Use lag bolts or throughbolts (per local code) and washers on your deck connections to get some air between the deck and your pressure treated subfloor band.

Hello James,
I would agree with Chris Wood. Espcially consider switching from B.C.I. to top bearing trusses. Building your subfloor with pre-manufactured trusses is much faster and cost less. I quit useing I Joists years ago. Would like to know what you are useing for your stemwall befor adviseing you on attachments. I have many pictures and details if you are interested.

Michael Collins


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