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Hi everyone! I appreciate the opportunity to get some input. So, I bought a log home built in 1976 that needed a great deal of work. I have done everything from replace the windows to new roof, kitchen, etc.. and love it. I always do a great deal of research before I do something. However, now, the issue :-). The inside of the house had never been finished. The logs were very rough with a number of water stains. I used the osborn brush, which worked great to clean and smooth them out a bit. However, I hired this company to stain the interior. I looked at sample upon samples. Decided on a light honey from permachink, which they applied followed by a clear coat. Before they stained it though, they energy sealed it the logs (5" logs). Two issues arose: 1) the energy seal turned completely yellow from the stain, and 2) the logs simply look terrible as it is bright yellow in some areas...nothing as it had looked on the samples on the wall. I called permachink and they said the best thing to do is to restain it in another color, which I did (light natural) and use chink paint to go over the energy seal. As you can see, this has been a project...AND I still am not happy with it. So, what do I do? In retrospect, I wish I would have simply gone with the clear coat. Am I stuck for life? Can stain be removed on the interior? I think I'm going to give myself a heart attack :-). Thanks for any input.

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Hi Stillwater, MN.

It is alot of work to redo the walls again, but you could Osborne Buff them again and try just a water based polyurthane. There is one called Symphony it comes in Satin & Gloss. It will yellow just a little bit because it is a waterbased product. Now they do make one that has UV prohibitors in it and that one is called Cetol BL UV. So for instance if you move a picture from one area to another it will not show what we call a photodegradation with the light and dark area's where a picture was.

I wish you luck!

Always try samples on the wall first!

Hope this helped!

Thanks for the reply Kelly. I really appreciate it. So, will the osborne bruff really remove the stain? Or, would I literally have to strip it? Thanks for your knowledge.
Stillwater, MN,

The Osborne buffing brush will strip it. Or you could sand it. Stripping it will be more of a mess and then you have the fumes to deal with.

I wish you luck! I would love to see pictures when you are done!



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