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Here is a Slideshow of a house we just restored out in Hill Country. It was built in 93 and stained with siekkens twice. The builder did a poor job building it though. I try to emphasize to people the importance of wrap around porches. I know you love that pretty roof line the architect has planned. Hill-billy look'in or not a wrap around can save you thousands over the years with maintenance. Large overhangs are key, no matter what stain  is used.

I have tried all the stains I believe are available and the water based acrylic performance are the only ones that I can warranty.


We are rebuilding the deck. We are also building a cedar handscribed entry gate with antique wagon wheels.


The music is one of the techs "Cisco" in the video, is playing the guitar live at the pickle shed.


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This should show people, Always have a 2 ft overhang, keep up on the staining, have the foundation out of the ground, at least 3 ft, (so your bottom row of logs are not right on the ground)  Take care of those checks on top of the logs!!!  We did these things and our log home looks good, and it was built in 1989.  If you don't do the above, you have a lot of work ahead, like your video shows!  It looks nice!  You should b e proud!!!  Happy New Year!!!

Thanks......Neat youtube.... a lot of work.

I happened by Eagle Brae in Scotland.

They had their Log Cabins built by Pioneer log homes of BC.  I believe they are radiant slab construction with elevated knee walls.

Do you like the Sikkens?

I have heard a lot of negatives on using it (application is difficult)?

Its OK. I think its the best oil base. If I have a customer that just will not accept the look of the acrylic, I might recommend it then. I charge about 25% more just to put it on. Its such a pain and hard on your health. I can not warranty it like the performance acrylic.

Since they came out with that new clear coat that extends the life, that helps. Its supposed to eliminate the darkining with maintenance trait, that oil bases were so stereotypical for.


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