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Hello my log cabin friends.  Not being able to be at my log home as much as I like, I worry about what is going on there when I am not.  I am looking into a camera surv. system which will allow me to monitor my cabin via Internet.  Is there anyone out there who has done this and how does it perform for you?  Dave

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Great question! I too would love to hear any input on this subject.




Hi Dave,

   I have two Panasonic outdoor Internet Protocol cameras (model BB-HCM735).  One in the front and one in the back of the cabin, so I can see both entrances and check out the weather at the lake.  They pan/tilt, record to storage media, or set for motion-activated.  They see well in the dark. They will send you an alert by email or cell phone if you want, can be tied to a microphone for two way audio, or trigger an external alarm.  You can check on them from a computer or smartphone.  I had the builder wire for them as the logs were stacked, so they wouldn't have to drill around later.  These are powered by PoE over CAT5 cable, but you can also buy wireless cameras. 

     There are many brands and many types to choose from.  Read the reviews and make your choice based on reliability, cost, and features.  As long as you have internet access at your cabin, you will have no problem and lots of piece of mind.

Regards, Norb

Thank you for the reply.  I'll look into that syatem. Sounds great.  Dave
We bought a Trendnet wireless IP camera - it took awhile to get it set up because my Router was not updating the IP address so I had to get a different router.  I was determined to get this to work and finally did.  I can view it from home - pan. tilt, zoom.  I set it up so that I get an email if there is any motion withing a certain area which is pretty cool.  I usually open it up in the AM and just leave it on and go about my business - if I hear a noise or anything I just pop in to have a look.  I think sometimes the sun sets it off and I get an email - not a big deal though.  I think I will add another one facing the driveway to see who is around and what the weather is doing.  Have fun!  Model IP422W - Amazon had it the cheapest when I bought it.
What all did you need to set up the system?  Do I need a PC at the cabin or just a high speed internet with a router?
We do not have a computer running up there all the time - we do have DSL with a Router - then we signed up for a DNS service that will update the IP address automatically.  Otherwise we would have had to pay the phone company $30 per MONTH for a static IP.  WHAT THE ....!!  It is called  it is free but you have to renew each month or for $15 a YEAR it updates irself!!  No Brainer.   Check it out -

Fleet Farm ( or maybe Farm Fleet ) sells a device for about $100.00 that plugs into a phone jack in the log home that will call you every 15 minutes if the following conditions occur:

1. Temp drops below 45 degrees

2. Electricity goes out.

3. Water leak where wire probes are placed to give you early warning of water leaking


Also, for ubnder $50.00 they sell a device that also plugs into a phone jack that calls you every 15 minutes if motion is senced in the cabin by an intruder.


The camera is nice but are you going to sit by your computer 24 hours a day ??????


Security companies have some fancy systems that when singling false alarms net you a bill from the local Sheriff's Department of $75.00 to 150.00 per false alarm call after the first 2 or 3 per year. Something to also think about.

Could you check the name of that company - Farm Fleet or Fleet Farm - I don't see it on Google.
Fleet Farm and Farm and Fleet are Wisconsin and Minn. based companies. Call information and you will find stores in almost every major city in Wisconsin. Try Waukesha, Oak creek, Germantown, for starters.


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