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How Long Did You Research A Log Home Company Or A LF Package Before You Decided To Purchase?

How Long Did You Research A Log Home Company or a LF Package Before You Decided To Purchase?

I have found that consumer's research anywhere between 5 to 10 years before they actually purchase.

Consumer's clip articles from magazine's of floor plans, kitchens they like, bedrooms, dinning rooms,decks, porches, mud rooms, great rooms, fire places, and garages.

Tell me how long it took for you to decide and why?
Was it property to put the log home on?


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I can honestly say we did not spend enough time. I accepted a new job that required us to move about 200 miles and we did not have a lot of time. We found property right away (38 acres) and rushed into a log home supplier. I won't mention their name since to this day I fear retribution since we dropped them and they were not happy about it.

To be honest I don't know if you can spend enough time, especially when you are dealing with salespeople that will tell you anything to make a sale. Read and ask a lot of questions and don't take sales folks at their word.

We did end up with a good company. The best part was that they both sold and built the homes. I really think you take a risk when you buy from a company that does not also do the building, assuming you are not doing it your self.

Best of luck.
Hi Kevin Cherry,

Thank you for your input!

I really appreciate it!

Hi Kevin Cherry,

I am sorry that you had a bad experiance.

You had mentioned that you purchased a log home and the company also builds the logs homes. I think this is a great idea! This way you get to know the log home company and the builder all the way through the process. Good relationship!

Thank you again for your input!

I would say it was about six years. We already had property with a small "camp" on it and were planning to build a small log home on it. We actually talked to the builder/dealers (a husband and wife team) long before we were going to build. We wanted to make sure it was "doable" and they were wonderful. They understood our timeline and when we were ready, we called them and got the ball rolling. We clipped pictures, looked at floor plans, and would occasionally go to a log home show and talk to the representatives. We felt we were very well-prepared when it was time to build and we encountered no problems. Our builder was also our GC and everything went very smoothly, even though we lived five hours away from our log home.

More than a few months. I discovered that the advice out there was lacking  when I did my research. This web site has done a great deal to allow a sharing of information, advice, choices, options, pitfalls, etc.

Centuries ago wise King Solomon wrote that 'in the multitude of counselors there is accomplishment'. He was right then and the advice is still right today.

Our project took 18 months from closing on the property, to finding a log home company, iterating through some floorplan design options, geothermal system research, then interviewing/choosing the builder. and then finding furniture and fixtures.  We are 100% happy with the results.  Living in the woods is like "soul food."

   I agree with Terry that this website was very influential in helping us form our choices.  Learning from previous failures and successes is priceless when you can apply it to your own situation. two projects are alike, so make your own decisions based on your needs/wants and budget.  Good luck to all of you following your dream.

Hi! Our research lasted 3.5 years. We visited Log home companies, log home shows, attended seminars, read log home magazines, etc., etc. We even had an opportunity to stay in a sales reps personal log home for several days. When all was said and done, we opted to go with a builder/gc with log home building experience who purchased our logs from a local mill. We can't be happier with the finished product! It's more than we could have ever dreamed and more.

We didn't! We were house hunting for about 9 months. We just happened upon this 10 year old log home!


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