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We are having a horrible time with our interior staining. Our first floor consists of log walls and our second floor is covered with log siding, they are coming out two totally different colors. What can we do now? Everything has been coated at least two times so far and the differences are getting more drastic.

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You have 2 coats on already !
I found Velvit Oil made in Appleton, WI ( 75% natural and 25 % honey mix) to penetrate quite well. This is an oil based stain. I waited 3 plus weeks for it to dry then applied Maxtec water based satin finish polyurethane finish over it and it turned out great on full logs after sanding. Log siding may have a mill glaze and the stain may not penetrate as well unless you remove the glaze caused by the heat from the cutting blades. Short of sanding off what you have done, I do not know how you are going to make uniform the stain color. I wish I could be of more help.

You said you sanded...did you sand completely or just in certain areas. Our log home went up this fall and due to mositure we will not be able to stain until summer and someone recommended against sanding due to the fact that you would have some real light spots if you didn't do the entire place. Did this stain have much tint and why did you use an oil base stain? What did you do on the outside?


I would like opinions on the out come using oil or water base stains for the exterior.

Using water based stains for the exterior will let you logs breath, letting the moisture evaporate. Some water based stains are film builders, instead of oil based stains which are mostly penetraters. Therefore, getting more square feet per gallon with water-based, film building stains. Also, some oil based stains contain linseed oil, which is a food source for mold.
I am guessing that the logs were sanded down and not the siding. If so, I have seen some siding drink up way more stain, thus becoming much darker. If I am backwards, forgive me, but it was a guess...Is the darker of the two areas to dark for you to be happy? If not, you can add additional coats of stain, possibly the same color, possibly something with more red (again guessing, have not seen your logs) to even the two areas up.

Log Home Staining
This will always be an issue, as they are not the same is siding, the other is logs. Are you working with a clear or something with color in it? Even if you strip it, sand it, and re-stain it, you will be able to see a difference.

What product and color are you using?
What species of wood are the log walls?
What species of wood is the siding?

Your best hope is to custom tint a product to come closer on the siding. You may need a pro to do this, many (not all however) are used to this and have a good eye for it.


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