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Im working on houseplans, and wonder what the pros & cons are for interor vs exterior fireplace chimney. 

Id imagine an advantage to an inside is that its warmer, but maybe more expensive?
Knowing where the fireplace is going to go is cruicial!


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Brenda, We always design our homes for interior chimneys.....I can't imagine that there will be much difference in cost. IMO, The worst design is with the chimney in the middle of the exterior wall.....pretty hard to create a good thermal break between the inside warm and outside cold.
An interior chimney is best, thermally, because as the chimney is used and warms up, the heat remains in the home. Also, a warm chimney creates a better draft. IMO, I would put it inside.
Brenda we have built many fireplaces both on the interior of the home and on the exterior of the home. I would say that it most commonly comes down to look and design of the home you are trying to create. The fire place units themselves have greatly changed through the years and have become much more efficient than what they used to be even 20 years ago!! They are always improving the functionality of the units! Best Wishes!!
Hi Brenda,
What an excellent question! This dilemma isn't limited to just log-home owners, and so if it's all right with you, I'd like to edit this inquiry slightly and use it in the Q&A section of an upcoming issue of Log Home Living's sister publication, Timber Home Living.

Have you decided what to do with your chimney yet? How are your plans working out? I'll be talking with a few experts about this, but it's always good to hear from homeowners who have been there and done that.

I can imagine this is a question that is (or should be) on a lot of future homeowners' minds as they design their dream home. Thanks for bringing it up!



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