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Since it's been 2 weeks since a single sole last posted in the loghomeu I thought I check for pulse.  Roll call everyone?  Spring 2015 Log Home Maintenance season is turning out to be busy already, here's our first project, pictured below in the foothills outside of Denver.  This log home had been built just 10 years ago and was originally coated with Sikkens Cetol 1-2-3, a product which we remove often and it's one of the more difficult media blast jobs.  This log home will get walnut blasted followed by grinding / sanding /buffing, and finally a hot water oxalic acid wash to brighten and get rid of all of the blasting and sanding mess and debris.  The logs can't be re-coated at this time due to the lack of maintenance over the past decade which has lead to the failed finish.  This log home has also never been chinked, which has lead to extreme damage of the logs and log siding.  Finally the log home will be stained with 4 coats of Sikkens 'Log and Siding' stain and then chinked with Sashco Log Jam chinking and caulked with Sashco Conceal.  

If anyone in Colorado is looking for work, we're hiring!

Thomas Elliott

Log Home Finishing

(970) 368 2308

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Can't wait to see the finished photos and also the ones along the way!!

Good plan. Customers will be happy to get that thing maintained.

JD Knight

Guild Log and Timber



Thanks for the Reply!  There are soooo many log homes like this in Colorado needing work right now it's insane. 


I know what you mean. I have three huge restorations under contract. I have about 6 waiting on me to bid. More keep rolling in every week. That is not even including my new home and commercial side of my business. Economy is good and energy cost is down. I love it. 

I want to come up there on vacation when it gets hot. I will swing by and visit you. Texans are flocking to CO. 


The problem here is there are millions of square feet to be worked on, but no one wants to spend the money to do it right.  I have to look at 10 projects to get 1 job always.  The other 9/10 tell me they'll wait til next year or they tell me they're just gonna sell it so they don't have to worry about maintenance.  It's hard to find people who value maintaining their log home, even if they can afford to.  



Hate to hear that. You know what Papaw used to always say,"Its better to stay home and not make any money".

 I have started pre-qualifying with pics and measurement before I actually come look at the job. If they are good with the preliminary numbers, then we meet. Cuts down on the strokes.

Down in  southern states log homes are a lot more prone to rot, which equals major investment lost , which equals "let me get my check book out". 

Be careful on the job, hope to come see you soon.


Pre-qualifying doesn't work for me.  I have no idea if a job is a job until I touch foot on the ground and see it in person.  Pictures don't work because customers don't even know what we're looking for and very few are good photographers.

I always charge between $450 - $650 for the bid and once I realized the importance of charging for bids, I opened up the consulting side of my business which fills in all the gaps between projects.


Why are they flocking to CO?

Interesting.  My son just got out of the Army and has decided to live in TX. 

In my gut I keep think TX is gonna have a very hard time in a few years.

In the resort towns like Breckenridge all of the big beautiful multi million dollar log homes are owned by out of towners from TX and CA. They still live in Texas or where ever they're from and CO is just the vacation home. snow.

Snow really isn't too much of an issue in Colorado on the Front Range where we do work in the winter. In the Mountains its a different story and we have to wait until March or April to get started.

Nice....I wish we had a "front range" right now......we are getting another storm in Maine right now.  

Nice project.  Its too bad they did not extend the gable / window wall roof overhang a bit further, not just for the weathering but it must overheat the room wicked at times.


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