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We hope to build our log home in the next couple of years, so right now is the fun part of planning (before the reality of budget).  The home will be a weekend/vacation spot and I hope to have my siblings and their families visit for holidays, summer, etc.  Eventually my husband & I plan to retire there.  I've come up with a floorplan about 2500 sq ft that fits our needs to entertain family & friends with enough room for privacy.  I'm trying to include things that are important to us while being practical.  I'd love to hear from people about what they wished they had done different... anyone build a log home too big?  too small?  wished they had thought of including (fill in the blank)?  Tips from the experienced are priceless!

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Heated floors in the master bath especially for a weekend/vacation home that you might not keep the temp. constant based on the seasons. 

Yes, heated floors in the master bath, and I'm also thinking throughout most of the main level for good radient heat.  Also plan to put fireplace in central part of house so we don't lose so much heat (type of fireplace will be a whole other discussion).  I have the kitchen, laundry, and master bath adjacent to each other for efficient plumbing.  Keep the tips coming!

Ceiling fans in the bedrooms and on the porch- if you have one.

It's a great idea to begin your planning as soon as possible.  This gives you plenty of time to think about & consider  how you live your lives now and what you will REALLY want/need in your future retirement home.  It's a vacation home for the time being, but will eventually be permanent   Your plan should include plenty of closet/storage space.  These are typically left out of vacation homes.  Most things are 'cheaper' to do during construction than later on down the line.    One word of advice on stain:  don't skimp and use an inferior product.  This is what's going to help you protect your investment from the elements.  The more you invest in it now ($$ & elbow grease), the less you'll have to invest later.   There are several really good Log Home stains and most are discussed here on this site.   We used Sikkens Cetol 1, 2, & 3 and are extremely happy with the color, look, and low maintenance of it.    

We've been in our home two years and can honestly say, there's not a lot we would have done differently.   Ours turned out better than we could have ever expected.   

Best of luck to you.  You've come to the right place for advice/help.  There are a ton of very knowledgeable members here that can help you every step of the way. 

Thank you!  That's helpful info.  We'll have a basement which should help with some storage.  I was going to take out the walk-in closet in the master to make more room, but who am I kidding?  Has anyone wished they would've gone with a smaller closet (even after downsizing)?  Speaking of exterior maintenance, other than the stain what type of coverage do you have?  Did you go with wrap around porches?  How much overhang do you have with your roof?  Wondering if the extra expense of more porches would be worth it in the long run or if it's just a "nice" but extra expense...

We have an open deck - 10 X 32 on the lake side and a covered porch - 8 X 24 on the side facing the woods (with a ceiling fan) and believe me on a hot day we LIVE on the porch because it can be brutally hot on the deck.  We also have a full walkout basement with a utitity room for storage and washer/dryer.  We do not have a garage so we had a shed built and thank gods we die - don't know where all the "stuff" would be now without it - snowblower, week wacker, shovels, rakes, hoses, etc. - we really needed and it was well worth it.  We ordered it from Shed Happens and it was delevered the following weed - ready to go.  LOVE it.  Here is a picture of the porch and the shed, inc cvase you are interested.


Beautiful home!  Thanks for pictures and like the idea of fans on the porch.

Hi Cynthia, Check out and have some fun planning your log home for free. Jim and Pam Katahdin Cedar Log homes

I'll have to check that out.  I have already played with some online home designing and "think" I've finally come up with the perfect floor plan (after several drafts and updates).  Just need to sit with it some more and will post for everyone's input.


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