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need to ask ya all which of these would be best to use when building an 8 side log cabin in butt and pass building
Plus----------is butt and pass a good building method when building an 8 sided log cabin? If not what would you recommend? Thank ya ! Kat

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Plenty of pictures but none ready to post at this time. Sorry, haven't downloaded. Look up Rick at Deadwood Log Homes in SD. he is doing the same construction style I am doing. Upon seeing we had about the same ideas I visited their site in SD and picked up pointers from him. Very nice and helpful folks. I use Maxi Screws every 30" and pin the walls every 5' with 5/8" coated rebar(coating probably not necessary). I drill vertically through two logs and drive the rebar half way through the third log doing this every three rows up so the rebar overlap and the logs can settle. Butt and pass I use 13" screws at a 45 degree angle to suck the joint together and 15" screws vertically about a foot away. My logs are about 18-20" diameter and finish 12" high with the flat on flat. Emseal on inner half and an EPDM "P" gasket towards the outer edge. "P" gasket from Conservation Technology. "V" style corners are a little harder with three sided logs although in my kitchen and living room I have some. Remember to cut the tip off the "v" point to allow for insulation of the joint ie. filling with foam. I do not do a flat butt corner I cut a 45 degree angle on the male end to match a 45 degree angle in the female log I'm attaching to. Helpful??????
By the way--------if anyone has a close up pic of butt and pass corners and the steps used I would greatly appreciate seeing it. Thanks again ! Kat
Foam theres no strength in foam.A dowel or spline will help keep the logs in place through the changes in weather ect...................
Well guys thanks for all your super info that you shared with me,but due to the economy and my not being able to afford all the OSB and metal sheeting that I would need to build my 8 sided cabin I have had to change my plans and will now built a regular old 32 x32 log cabin. At least all my logs are free to me ! LOL ! Thanks again for being so kind !


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